Should Phil Robertson be allowed back on Duck Dynasty?

Posted 5 years.


  • kevin - 5 years ago

    Its society sheri, thats why.
    He can speak his opinion, if you dont like it, dont watch it....but yet you cant stop since everyone likes watching stuff explode. Its number 1 in America for a reason, Beards, Beer and Booms.

    Also men and women were created for a reason, why not create a third option if there was to be a different option then for a man to be with a women??? ahhh I know good point, why thank you. man + women = the norm,
    man + man = messed up
    woman + woman = turn on

  • shari - 5 years ago

    *by 2 women not my

  • shari - 5 years ago

    Zach , I would far rather YOUR kind die off . If your so called "god " denies good people from getting to "heaven" simply because they found love with someone of the same sex while that same "god" lets in the like of YOU and YOUR kind then YOU and the "god" of others like you can ALL rot in "hell" or "heaven" or swirl endlessly in a toilet bowl for all I and many others care .
    Chris , Why is it that men find the thought of 2 men as gross but get all turned on my 2 women ? Even though those 2 women have absolutely NO interest in men ? As for what "gay men" call women I am sure they call them a lot of things just like straight men do .

  • chris thompson - 5 years ago

    phil has every right to speak his mind! in fact most men find the thought of gay sex as gross . gay men in my experience call women fish! as men are born of woman is this not insulting? if gays wish to get on with the rest of us please refrain from such insults! as they say people in glass houses should not throw stones god bless you all and happy new year

  • Grizz - 5 years ago

    very poor attitude on the part of the people who made comments. Is it really necessary to curse and swear like Mr Zach, all it does it shows how uneducated he is. As far as MR Drunk is concerned, the government loves people like you who s only concern is the bottle. One less person who will question decisions made by the government. we all need sheep who just exist, you are like the fillers in video games who are just there as part of the landscape. Yes be proud to be useless to society, you still have a role to play. Duck Dynasty is a show about Red Necks who made it, and yes Phil, as any other citizen in a democratic society, is entitled to his own opinion. Why censor what a large number of people think, censorship is for freedom like fascism is to government. If you want to live with censorship, move to Iran or North Korea.

  • DagNibbit - 5 years ago

    Way to stick to your guns A&E. Thanks for showing us that as long as your show makes money, you can spout homophobic biggoted remarks and not have to worry.

    Next on A&E... The KKK, And how they do it right.

  • Paul "Barry" Karn - 5 years ago

    As a drunk 35 year old living in his parent's basement I spend a lot of time getting wasted & watching tv. I don't really care what is on as long as I have a 60 of rye & a half dozen big mac's at my side!

  • Penny - 5 years ago

    Zach your an ass!

  • zach - 5 years ago

    fuck ya hes the shit fuck all the fags in the world gays should be shot finger of speech fags and yes they are go to hell to burn for a life time.

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