Would you like to see Park View DC expand coverage in 2014? If so, how?


  • Anon - 9 years ago

    I would like it to be easier to comment as a guest rather than logging in. Also, I like the posts about developments (housing and business) but I would like to see more notices about community actions and crime reports. Echoing the poster above, my favorite part of this blog is the depth of the posts. If I wanted a general but brief report from nearby areaas I would read popville - so don't try to duplicate that effort.

  • Kim Roberts - 9 years ago

    Kent--while I think an occasional story about surrounding neighborhoods would be a welcome thing (perhaps with a heading differentiating it that way), I love that the focus of your blog is geographically narrow but very deep. You've been covering primarily history and construction news. One way to expand but retain the Park View focus might be to highlight some long-term residents or business owners? Just a thought! Thanks so much for all you do...

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