Do you think the courts made the right decision in Mobley's Stand Your Ground case?


  • dunyell - 10 years ago

    i think they did the right thing it was self defense with two men attacking him and his friend but we just had a forida case where a teenager died at the hands of a man that had know right to take that young mans life and they let him go no questions asked now if this was a case of innocent people then i would have said then lock him up and throw the key away not all black men are violent

  • David - 10 years ago

    This was the right thing to do in dropping the charges. This guys was at a restaurant and went outside to smoke, was approached by guys and had to make a decision for his protection. Nice to hear a judge making the right choice.....

  • truly sad - 10 years ago

    Well he was right to defend himself it seemed it wouldn't of took to much more it would of ended up worst he just defended himself from bullies. Sorry for family but they were big bullies.

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