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Was Aslan Being Too Sensitive About New York City?

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  • da_ticklah - 9 years ago

    Hey NY niggas stop being that NY nigga, this show repeatedly clowns on Florida and who calls in but hurt over FL. Nobody.

    Before you try and check NY me I'm born and bread in BK for 25 yrs. Flatbush crew where y'all at.

    In NY, yeah they have little italy or China town but honestly your take on it is an overstatement. There are people that live all over. The town deal is where people new to the country tend to flock to when they get here.

    For example my family is from the Caribbean and Flatbush Brooklyn was kinda the place to go when they got here, and honestly it still kinda is today. These types of neighborhoods are the place where you can get the groceries of your homeland, get the mixtape of the current music from 'back home' and several other things to make what was such a big life change a little bit easier. It's not where they live for generations typically. Both my brother and I have left, most of my aunts, uncles and cousins have at least left those neighborhoods if not the city altogether. Anyone with ambition still still wants that Jefferson's moving on up moment which is rarely found in such an isolated community.

    If this comes off in anyway sounding like an NY butthurt dude it was not my intention I just wanted to bring some clarity to the concept of 'ethnic' neighborhoods.

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