Does Marshawn Lynch Deserve A $50,000 Fine For Not Talking?

  • Steve - 7 years ago

    Marshawn's comments' (he's feeling smooth?!) are fairly typical of the comments heard after the games or during interviews in general. Do we really want to hear these thoughts? And to fine a person for being smart enough to know we don't want to hear these thoughts!!? That's crazy.

    I'm a Cal Berkeley Alum. If they put up a site for us to contribute $10 towards the fine, I'd bet we'd get it paid off.

    I think we should fine the NFL for making us hear in-game/on the field interviews with coaches and post game comments from the players.

  • Larry - 7 years ago

    Maybe it's just my anti-authority streak, but this fine seems beyond wrong, immoral and just plain stupid. In my mind it makes the NFL look arrogant and like they enjoy throwing their weight around. Presumably if the media doesn't ask to speak to a specific player, that player is free to not speak to them. PC should ask the media not to request interviews with Marshawn. If the media wants to do the right thing, all the media heavy hitters (espn, Sports Illustrated, sportspressnw, Seattle Times,, etc.) should unite in leveling blistering criticism of the NFL and the columnists should all demand that this fine be rescinded. Whether or not any player talks to the media should be optional. Pro football doesn't need to be sold. Millions of fans would watch it on TV and buy game tickets without the PR machine.

  • Barry - 7 years ago

    The constitutional protected "Freedom of Speech" also protects the right to not speak. It would be interesting to review the contract which applies to the professional football players which waives that right and requires that the players must speak to the public news media.

  • Jay - 7 years ago

    Maybe the NFL should fine the d-bag 49er lineman for disparaging Appleton, Wisconsin?! That would seem to be a better use of their authority.

  • Jay - 7 years ago

    Damned if you do, damned if you don't. He could start speaking to the media and they could (and probably would) run right to a teammate or an opponent, taking his words out of context, etc. and cause an unnecessary distraction just for the sake of selling advertising or ratings. The man goes to work, does his job and goes home. He stays out of trouble (mostly) and still gets fined. I find it extremely unfair and really, it just adds another tic on the negative side of the ledger for the NFL as far as I'm concerned.

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