Which is most important in a society?


  • Ricco Fleming - 12 years ago

    Love. In particular, what the Greeks referred to as Agape - unconditional, self-sacrificial love, like the ideal of parental love. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agape

  • todd - 13 years ago

    Morality, you can not have peace, safety, freedom, law, order without...

  • Jeremy - 13 years ago

    all of the above. But to get it takes unity. So I guess unity is the truest answer for me. I'm sick of hearing about the right and left. I once considered myself to be on one side, but now I'd rather consider myself American. I wish we could all unite on that fact, without it taking a common threat against the human race. Because every year there is a new threat effecting everyone, but we can't decide if its critical enough for us to all come together. So lets all just decide to come together for the hell of it. The only revolutionary thing that I can think of anymore is forgetting the past of right and left. And since the US was born on revolutionary terms, let it be that the US be reborn on revolutionary terms.

  • Chris - 13 years ago

    Once general well-being is secured for a society, freedom, strength, happiness, growth and equality become possible.

  • Ben - 13 years ago

    The true reason justice and freedom are considered important is because it makes people happy, therefore happiness should be the most important. There is no logical reason to believe everyone is equal or that justice and freedom actually exist. They are fabrications of the mind that allow humans to live together in relative happiness and that is all. America was founded by people who were unhappy with the current situation due to their lack of freedom but they didn't just want freedom, they wanted to live a happy life.

  • Jay - 13 years ago

    Natural Law = Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness Sound familar? You'll find it in the Preamble of the US Constituion. They are the real Trinty that most not be compromised. I am not a Democrat and I am not a Republican. Both make me sick for different reasons. What I am confused about is that supposedly Obama was a constitutional lawyer. I wonder as I watch his first 100 days if he ever took any time to read it. He certainly doesnot practice policy that is in line with it. But then again he was edititor of the Harvard Law School paper yet never wrote an article. He did write a book and in it he spells out a pretty ugly picture of a far left socialist country. But who reads book by people give the most power? in 1925 Hitler wrote 25,000,000 copies: Mein Kampf was published in 1925 and Volume 2 in 1926. Never was it translated out of German yet it told ahead of time what his agends was. He followed his book. The intelligencia which is full of themselves in this country cannot learn from history or do their homework. They grew up in a generation where getting caught cheating was the only problem with cheating. Too bad they don't read and think. Thinking you are intelligent doesn't make you so.

  • Jay Mills - 14 years ago

    A shared culture is the most important part of a stable society. The society can have lots of subcultures, diversity, etc., but everyone has to buy in to the basic values of the society.

  • Michael Lee Bailey - 14 years ago


  • ChrisC - 14 years ago

    A foundation of respect for both the rights of individuals and the needs of a human community, in a system of laws that apply to and protect all citizens equally, and which has adequate mechanisms to respond to change.

  • Chris and Mary Fogarty - 14 years ago

    JUSTICE, the indispensable prerequisite of international peace, local law & order and individual freedom.

  • darren - 14 years ago

    everything else just falls into place if everyone used common sense

  • J. Norman Kish - 14 years ago

    The most important features of a working society are:
    1) Freedom
    2) Fair Competition
    3) Transparency of Action
    4) Accepted Accountability
    Think about it.

  • Andrew - 14 years ago

    Freedom is impossible without the well being of all. As long as we're competing with one another, literally destroying other people and ourselves just to stay afloat, we are never truly free.

    I want a society where "the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all."

  • Bob in St. Louis - 14 years ago

    Education, education, education! The lack of it is at the core of every problem. Conversely, education is the solution to every problem. Education = National Security.

  • John Jongen - 14 years ago

    Individual health is the most important in a society. None of the other goals can be accomplished without it. And it will also lower health insurance cost to everyone. But first we need political leadership to secure healthy food, water, medicine, air, etc. like what progressive 'socialist' countries already have.

  • Don Schneider - 14 years ago

    A redistribution of wealth is fundamental to real social justice !

    Not all conservative people are stupid but all stupid people are conservative
    (Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations)

    And you ?

  • ellen - 14 years ago

    health - beginning with clean air, water, and soil. sadly, the pollution
    from greed based industries are invading us at the cellular level. the result
    is skyrocketing cancer rates, and compromised health in many forms, including
    foggy thinking which feeds the cycle of remaining complacent while we are slowly
    poisoned, and even choosing to willingly poison ourselves by eating chemicals our
    bodies have not evolved to recognize.

    my opinion is that health is true security. we need more accessible, more comprehensive and wholistic healthcare. but that's not the entire picture. preventative health care means clean air, water and soil, and chemical free foods. true, we have it far better than many countries (some, not all, of which are being poisoned by american companies). we have "protections" against poisons at the level which would make us sick instantly. yet the insidious poisons which take many or even several years to seriously harm our bodies continue to proliferate.

  • NobodysPatsy - 14 years ago

    Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

  • William - 14 years ago

    My view is Fellowship -
    Mutual success through recognition that we are all in this together and need each other.

  • Dennis - 14 years ago

    It is sad that the left and right ignore the fact that without Faith in God, you will not have justice, freedom or well being for all.

  • Liz Wells - 14 years ago

    Freedom is very important, as is equality, but JUSTICE is most important. A justice society is free and has equality for all.

  • Steven - 14 years ago

    It sure is sad that "well being for all" is ahead of "freedom." Thankfully the US has a constitution that was made to guarantee freedom over mob rule...hopefully we can get back to following it.

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