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  • Bekki Collis - 9 years ago

    I'm not sure if you received my comments.
    1. Homosexuality (but maybe that is covered under 'gender issues'? This is a huge area for the church in our time.
    2. Turn Red Letter Days into a book. Oh how I want it in a book!
    3. Translate the Bible for us. Okay, I know that is a huge request.
    4. I love the idea of more about Social Justice.
    5. Insight into how to discuss the gift of tongues/Holy Spirit stuff with Southern Baptists. Perhaps this would fit into a discussion about Acts?
    6. The unforgivable sin. What is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit? Please explain this for me, because I've been puzzling over it for years. And why does so much of the church in the USA treat other things (especially sexual issues) as unforgivable when we overlook many, many other sins? What can be done about it?
    Even if you don't dig into my point 6 publicly, I would love a private discussion about this.
    Thank you! I will look forward to your blog in February.

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