Should the playoffs expand?


  • Dave Clark - 10 years ago

    NFL - Expand the playoffs at your own regular-season risk. Just last week, four playoff games were almost blacked out. If you let more teams in the playoffs, it waters down the regular season. Along with making season ticket holders pay regular season prices for pre-season (READ: Crappy) games, $40 parking, $9.00 beers and $8.00 hot dogs, this could be the straw that keeps season ticket holders home watching their 80" HDTVs. And I'm a Steelers season ticket holder who would have loved to see them in the playoffs this year.

  • dennis buckley - 10 years ago

    Yah...let's let some sub 500 team that gets hot and beat a 12-4 team..Leave it alone...This is all about crappy teams making more money...period!!!

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