Have you heard the booms?


  • Aaron Grandstaff - 10 years ago

    I have a video of something like this that happened last night. It was very bizarre. I heard a boom and looked outside and in just one area of the sky kept flickering orange. I got my camera out (this was at 4 in the morning today July 4) and all of a sudden there was a bright flash and a loud boom and then everything stopped immediately. I would love to send this video somehow but I did cuss in it because it was so weird... Not gonna lie that alien thoughts went through my head. Only for a second though....

  • robyn havis - 10 years ago

    1/20@7:06pm-- I record these occurrences on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Eileen Levine - 10 years ago

    So should we be getting concerned here? Seems officials have no answers and it doesn't seem like it's being researched. Is this a prelude to an earthquake? Is it gases being released? Not trying to be Henny Penny but I would like some answers!!

  • freda - 10 years ago

    I've been hearing them late at night.. just heard on ten mins ago..petersburg va

  • Susan Corvello - 10 years ago

    We live in Spring Grove and have been hearing these noises since 2012....they come at all times of day .....

  • matt - 10 years ago

    Live towards Col Heights, less than 2 miles in Chester and NO they are NOT shotguns. They are LOUD booms. My husband AND neighbors are hunter and agrees....they are NOT guns.

  • Courtney Haynes - 10 years ago

    Recently I heard of something called a "snowquake". Only happens in very cold weather. I'm going to do a search to see if it fits.

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