What drives you nuts while driving around Virginia?

  • Crystal - 8 years ago

    I agree with Rita Eagle, because I've seen too many cars drive fast past the yield sign without slowing down and that pisses me off. I also don't like texting and driving, but they will continue to do so anyway. I hate when people don't turn on red and there is no sign saying don't turn on red. Some people need to give up their drivers license because they shouldn't have them in the first place.

  • Charlotte Lucas - 8 years ago

    Although you can be in the slow lane driving speed limit at 5 miles an hour over the speed limit which I normally do you also could be driving 80 miles an hour and somebody's trying to pass you riding your bumper that drives me crazy the most.

  • Joy - 8 years ago

    The left hand lane should be for passing only --not driving in that lane and holding traffic back

  • Rita Eagle - 8 years ago

    NOT knowing what a YIELD SIGN MEANS is the MOST problem on the highways. Traffic flowing down a highway and no where to move over to allow yielding folks in but they move in anyways. Thinking you are suppose to come to a complete stop and some do come to a complete stop on a highway to allow them in the line of traffic. Then if they do get in the line of traffic...they are slower than the speed that the other cars are driving. This should be inforced to obey YIELD SIGNS>. Totally needs to be inforced better!!!

  • deborah winston - 8 years ago

    I feel that cell phone should be banned total on the high way, or if there exception they should be in the farther right land, you can all ways tell when people are on the phone they are slowing the traffic. I commute two and half hour a day it's a nitght mare you have to experience it to see waht I really means.

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