Should Utah raise the minimum wage?


  • cam - 9 years ago

    Some one like me that has worked hard, started going to school just so he can get 12 bucks an hour. If they raise the minimum wage, all the work i have done to get to 12 a hr would not matter anymore. Only the people making the 7.25 would be getting the rays. the people making 12 a hr would not. the cost of living will go up. the people that have worked hard for the higher pay would suffer more.

  • Jenny - 9 years ago

    A raise in minimum wage would really hurt you Lacey since you don't make minimum wage, which is what Brandon was trying to explain to you. Your wage wouldn't increase but your cost of living would go up.

  • Lacey - 9 years ago

    brandon, i disagree with you 100%. untill you have walked in many of our shoes, you have no clue on how hard it is for single parents to work pay bills, and still live. I work full time, and make 11.00 an hr, but that is still not enough. After paying bills, and daycare, I do not even have enough to put gas in my car to get to work. so i guess, people that make good money would not understand. I find it insulting when I read comments such as yours. Thank you, that is my opinion.

  • Brandon - 9 years ago

    Just so everyone is aware, when you raise the minimum wage (which wasn't intended to raise a family on), you also raise the expenses for the companies that pay those wages. When you do that, prices for their products have to go up to cover the new costs because a $1 raise for an individual costs a company an extra 7.65% in FICA taxes (the FICA taxes you pay are only 1/2 of the actual taxes paid. The employer matches that amount), plus it also costs additional in FUTA (Federal Unemployment Tax) and SUTA (State Unemployment Tax).

    To make up for that, product prices go up, causing more expensive gas, groceries, etc. So, for those of you making more than minimum wage that this wouldn't affect, your cost of living increased by that amount without your paycheck growing.

    There are opportunities for those that make minimum wages to get better jobs, more education, etc. I have tried to talk to several people that I know that cannot make a living on the wages they are paid to help get them into these programs. If they would take advantage of them and "work" for something better, there are opportunities.

  • Kim Chapman - 9 years ago

    The minimum wage was never meant to be a 'raise-the-family' wage! It was supposed to be the wage where employers could start entry level employees, mainly youth. The higher the minimum wage goes, the harder it will be for youth to find valuable summer employment. This is just one more incident of the liberals exploiting the poor and propagating poverty and unemployment!

  • sean n - 9 years ago

    I will not pay a high school kid 10 an hour to slack. Give them $6.25 an hour like o had. I worked Damn hard for $8. The new generation feels they should be handed things and this is why. The people making money are the ones who take initiative. Companies will sink by overpaid employees

  • elizabeth - 9 years ago

    No one can support a family on minimum wage, i make 12.05 which is well above minimum wage and i can barely support my family of 5, i get a whopping 2% cost of living raise a year and have student loans to pay, if minimum wage raises then so should the average pay for people in higher professional settings.

  • sharon neilson - 9 years ago

    You know if they raise the minimum wage it doesn't effect the wage you make now! they have to make it retro active in order to help anyone that already has a job! It makes it so difficult to see new hires make more money than you that has been working in the same job for 10+ years. I am all for raising minimum wage but please make it fair!!!

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