Do you think the Pastor is a fraud?


  • asa - 8 years ago

    Man ths is sum bullshit. Eating grass for wat, our ppl hv lost their heads wit all these believes. The only thing u nid is to believe ur self. N god will believe in u. Eating grass is bull. Ths guy jus playing wit ppl minds n thy r stupid also to believe ths.

  • Kasawortem - 9 years ago

    This is a teaching from pigs. You guys are completely possessed of the stupid teachings of the whites who are late comers to Christianity. Why do not you come and learn From Ethiopia which according to bible is land of Hope for many. Mosses got married to an Ethiopian woman, God called the name Ethiopia so many times in Bible. When Europe were leaving in the jungle we had buildings , churches, alphabets , calendar. We even have the Arch of covenant which was given to Mosses from God. Ethiopia is really a land of God. One of the wisdom people who gave gift to Jesus was an Ethiopian. Please , come and Learn Christianity from Ethiopia . The teaching you have now is from Europe which is confused teaching and confusing my African brothers.

  • Tony - 10 years ago

    This is typical for negroes.They don deserve it better.This is what happens when Whites set them free.The behave the way they are supposed to:like animals.

  • Kay - 10 years ago

    Eating grass of the Motherland is more healthier than pig feet, chitterlings, hog maw!!!!!!!!!And all that other sh-t....Even healthier than pharmacy DRUGs or Narcotics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Felicia - 10 years ago

    Hes a man of god i urge u all people especially u who criticise him,cam to the rivers of life and c for urself and hear with ur own ears and stop believing hear says.he once said dont argue because u cannot defend the truth bcs the truth shall defend god be the glory!!!

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