Father Brown series 2 - enjoying it so far?

  • David tice - 7 years ago

    I agree with Anne tilley bring back susie.
    Father brown is a more gentle detective show 45mins of nostalgia.

  • Sarah edmonds - 8 years ago

    I thoroughly enjoy fb but in New Zealand we have only seen series 1 on uktv but I loved series 1 so much I bought on DVD can't wait for series 2,& can't agree more with what Fred said we as humans like too make life so hard that's why I luv fb as it is so simple arohanui-Sarah frm nZ xxx

  • anne tilley - 8 years ago

    I have enjoyed the latest FATHER BROWN series so far. The darker element has given it a new dimension. However I preferred Father Bs relationship with inspector Valentine not sure about Sullivan yet . I do also miss Susie.

  • Fred Windberg - 8 years ago

    I find it interesting that so many people analyze what they've chosen to watch to entertain them. When I decide to watch something, it's because I've either watched the programs previous episodes and have enjoyed them or it's something new I might enjoy. In the case of the Father Brown series, I've seen the previous versions and enjoyed them for their interpretations of the stories. I don't compare versions for various reasons, I just enjoy them for what they are. I don't read anything into them or analyze why this or that. If you don't like the episode and you are not enjoying your experience, turn it off, like I did in the last episode [Endless Night] of Marple [Miss Marple]. it's simple, sit down and enjoy what you are watching for what it is and stop trying to analyze everything...life is so much simpler that way...to much information..!!

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