Is Blackfish The Best Comedy Of The Year?


  • Da Kc Stork - 9 years ago

    Man I saw you live tweeting this Movie, and decided to give it a look. I watched it at work, I work for a Independent Supported Living (ISL) program. So the clients have means that allow them to watch these shows. Anyway, I am the only person of color that works in the house, and the reaction that I had to these folks crawling they ass in the big ass fishing bowl with this KILLAH WHALE, and my white counterparts was hilarious. These bastards that I worked with were sad, for the fish, while at the same time saying they want to go see them at Sea World......WHAT THE FUCK. I wanted to start a campfire negro spiritual, i.e Glory "Oh my lord...Lord...LOrd....Lord"

    I want even put my hand in my kids fish tank, why in the fuck would some want to crawl into a big ass fish tank with a 5000 pound fish. I would not care if they were called Super Friendly Non KIllah Whales, no sir not getting close. Anyway, let these nigga fish swim free, and till they are allowed to prosper in the wild, may the continue to snatch these cheese eaters up and drag them to the bottle of every fucking pool.

  • PrinceLeron - 9 years ago

    Blackfish is funny as shit. That movie could doubled as a Django origin story. After I watched it, I changed the screensaver on my laptop to a picture of Tilikum bowing to the crowd. I was sitting in a Harvard library and numerous individuals commented on the screen. The ironic part is that several white woman stopped and carried on a conversation with me. Apparently, they did not learn damn thing from the movie. They saw what happened to the other white woman who got to close to him. Tilikum is the new white girl bait.

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