Which Cliffhanger Or New Plot Twist Has You Chewing Your Nails Until Episode 11, "Protecting The Coven" Airs? (Poll Closed)

  • Did Cordelia go completely over the edge, and if so, what (probably bloody) act is she going to do?

  • Is Fiona just going to start bumping off students now? Will Marie help her? If so, who is next on the kill list?

  • If Misty Day frees herself, is she going to deal out some much needed payback to Madison?

  • IS MISTY OKAY? PLEASE SAY SHE'S OKAY! Oh, and that question leads immediately to...

  • What's up with "FrankenKyle"? And is it going to turn from three-ways into a potentially juicy love triangle?

  • Where is Delphine's head, and what kind of mood is she going to be in when it/she shows up?

  • Where the HELL is Queenie and what the f*ck happened with that whole thing?

  • Other

Poll posted 6 years ago.

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