Which decade produced the best supercar?

  • Rufo Colayco - 13 years ago

    How could there be any doubt that the Bugatti Veyron is simply the best supercar built so far?

  • Stel Savva - 14 years ago

    During the 80's the super cars produced were jaw dropping, fast and raw. Today's super car although technically quicker, more efficient, safer and scientifically better engineered lacks that edge. I cant help feel, (actually imagine is more apt as i may never get to speak first hand) that driving a Bugatti Veyron flat out will not give you the same thrill as driving a Countach or a 288 GTO. Or maybe i'm just getting old. I also prefer vinyl to CD's....see.

  • ADNAN - 14 years ago

    A question actually, does the Nissan GTR 2008 qualify as a "super car" ???

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