Is the Kannada film industry right in opposing "dubbing"?


  • Dr. A. Mahadeva - 8 years ago

    Kannadiga's are thinking that Karnataka culture means Film Industry. They are failed to understand, it is the monopolized and lootying stage for couple of producers and celebrities (by remake). In fact, they are killing the Kannada culture, they are not allowing talents to grow. A good number of artists migrated to other language film industry, and they are surviving. Why these artists are migrated to other states?

    I have seen a Tamilian and Telugu rural people are struggling to talk in English. But they explains Science, History and Geography, because they are watching Knowledge channels (National Geogrphy, Discovery, H) in their mother language. i.e. called Hrudayada bhashe.

    Hw long Kannadiga's shall be fooled....... Hw long they are denyied of Right to knowledge in the name of saving a culture.

  • mohankumar - 8 years ago

    though a hard core kannadiga ( to some extent atleast) i appreciate that dubbing from other languages will help in spreading the language to all sects of people in karnataka. we can atleast see other language heros and heroines speaking in kannada bashe . except kannada we do not watch other movies, and some time we do not see even Remake movies. though i do not hate any language it is a self respect. if people in other states encourage our movies we too can encourage. And , i would like to say for each and every thing these film people bring in Dr. Rajkumar. ( though he is not concerned at this situation) the so called Heros of kannada film industry are making money and they want only other language Heroines.

    all said and done they are dependent on us and we ( kannada) are not dependent on them. they should not poke their nose. when there is no law in the constitution, they can be booked ( FIR) if they do any mischief during the release of dubbed film.

    i need to see Discovery channel, also in kannada.

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