What Do You Think About This Song?

  • Myra Johnson - 8 years ago

    My son Joseph Gadson III wrote and arranged the song your're always there for me and Debbie Williams ( Queenie D Williams ) coordinated the background vocals. The music tells the story along with the vocals. You all out there might think I'm Prejudice but this project is great. They have more than enough really great material for a great album. Thank you executive producer George Sims and go on with your bad self Queenie D Williams.

  • Yaohuseph Bengad - 8 years ago

    This song feels good to my Hebrew soul. It tells exactly where the almighty God is. I like the way the sister expresses her self and the music as well as the vocals have great crossover appeal. I think this may be a world wide hit. I hope to hear it more on the radio and I will buy it. Do you have any other material by Debbie?

  • P.J. - 8 years ago

    Wow! Words cannot explain how refreshing it is to hear a different sound to gospel music! The song is truly, out the box which captures a filling of serenity and peace. Debbie Williams has a strong voice that will capture ALL that listen. Love it, love it and love it MORE!

  • Arnold J Leslie Sr. - 8 years ago

    Great song! Lyrics are awesome-Excellent arrangement and musicians on this track!! As a musician it is refreshing to hear something different from the Gospel Community! This is a definitely a step in a new direction!! Need to hear more!

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