What do you think of Alta's ban on snowboarding?

  • Jim - 8 years ago

    How dare you compare the privlaged of riding a snowboard to the struggles of Slaves and other oppressed minorities and religous groups through out history. You are all just spoiled children having a gussy fit over nothing!!!! There are plenty of places to ride your snowboards. Leave Alta alone!!!!

  • Jim - 8 years ago

    Snowboarders ruin moguls...period!!!!

  • Bruce Gorsuch - 8 years ago

    Alta is old school and didn't put high speed lifts in for a long time because they didn't want the slopes tracked out. My gripe with boarders is they can get into areas as beginners and intermediates that skiers can't at a lower ability they just go down sideways on their heels. So the wonderful thing about Alta that conditions don't deteriorate as fast as other resorts will be gone- not to mention the cluster**k they would cause on the High Traverse.

  • Tyler - 8 years ago

    If they lift the ban can we share the drinking fountains with everyone or are their going to be "Skiers Only" drinking fountains? And can we all please agree that blanket statements such as one that Linda above made "...I can tell you, without a doubt, that snowboarders are rude and inconsiderate" are not doing anyone any favors? I'm a boarder and a father of four. My daughter skis and sons snowboard. It would be great to all be able to do this as a family at Alta.

  • Curtis - 8 years ago

    First off snowboarders you should do a little bit more research before you start freaking out and trying to sue people. Alta doesn't ban anyone for any reason. Snowboarding is not banned from Alta. You can ride all the fresh amazing powder you want up there you just can't take the lifts up because they're privately owned. So they get to say and do as they please since it's there machines, Just because there's cabins on national forest land doesn't mean you can just walk in and do what you want. The National forest is big enough for everyone so if you want to invest in some lifts somewhere and only allow snowboarders on the lifts you're more then welcome no one will stop you. I know you won't see me whining about not being allowed up there though. I'll just pick up a board and learn something new...If it's any good up there. Still nothing would come close to being like Alta lol!

  • jen - 8 years ago

    Snowboards on the High T...puhleeeze!

  • T.L. - 8 years ago

    In my 50+ years of skiing it has become apparant to me that the vast majority of snowboarders don't yet have a fully developed prefrontal cortex. Hence their overwhelming rudenss and lack of sensitivity to others on the slopes. It would be a travesty if boarders are allowed to be on the slopes of Alta for there are countless other areas which currently accomodate them.

    Just imagine ants and flies swarming all over your picnic lunch.

    I'm curious if this is pro bono work for the law firm.

    If the suit prevails what's to stop the ADA from mandating specialized handicapped accessibility equipment on all lifts at all US ski areas and huge fines if not installed by some predetermined date. I guess sky high ticket costs would have to go even higher. Gosh, if equal access on govt land is the goal and I can no longer afford it, then doesn't it follow that I too deserve accomodation in the form of a subsidized lift ticket or even free skiing?

  • Linda - 8 years ago

    I have snow skied for 65 yrs and I have seen many changes over the years. I was also a surfer starting in 1957. We never thought of combining the 2 sports. With that said, I can tell you, without a doubt, that snowboarders are rude and inconsiderate. I have also found that the under 40 generation of skiers also lack proper ski etiquette. The skier and snowboarder coming up on another skier or snowboarder should announce themselves by saying “on your left” or “on your right” before passing. The downhill person shouldn’t have to constantly turn their head to see who is behind; they should concentrate on not running over the person in front of them. I blame parents and ski instructors for not instilling manners, sportsmanship, and etiquette into up and coming skiers/snowboarders.
    I think any ski resort has the right to refuse service to anyone who won’t conform to the mountain rules. Alta is a great resort and allowing snowboarders would ruin it for those of us who are loyal to Alta. Snowboarders should have their mountain and skiers should have theirs. It’s like putting an Olympic skater on the same track as demolition derby.
    SNOWBOARDERS, buy your own mountain and do whatever you want with it. Don’t spoil skiing for everyone else who prefer 2 boards to 1.
    One more thought! Alta is not owned by the National Forest, it rents the land it operates on and should be able to ban offensive people from the use of the resort. Just look around the country and see how access to National forest land has ruined it. People think they have the right to access this land and do whatever they want, including destroying it by going off road and running over native vegetation and even burning the forests down, killing many animals and ruining it for all of us who truly care about saving the forests.

  • James - 8 years ago

    How about wheelchair access to Kings Peak?

  • Katie Warner Ogden - 8 years ago

    I side with the lawsuit. All skiers hate snowboarders and all snowboarders hate skiers but that doesn't mean it's right. I wouldn't want to ban skiers because we have friends and family that ski. The snowboarding sport has grown a lot in the last 5-10 years and the number of people of all ages that do it now has grown drastically. I think alta would double their business and become more family friendly for those that have mixed preferences. It's time to let go of judgement and base it on the individual. Skier etiquette just needs to be taught better at resorts. Skiers are tunnel vision and snowboarders have the ability to look up hill and have better peripheral vision. I find most accidents caused by skiers but blamed in snowboarders. Funny because most my friends are late 30's early 40's and not wanting any issues with anyone. Snowboards aren't just punk kids anymore. That stereotype just isn't real.

  • Carson Ogden - 8 years ago

    Although I snowboard, I understand the Alta folks. I wish there was a local resort that banned all the skiers so we didn't have to deal with them either :)

  • Jennifer - 8 years ago

    This is a joke, right? I can't even with this.

  • Jacob - 8 years ago

    Of corse most Utahns believe the ban should stand. People these days are biased, operate by mob rule, and dont care about individual liberty until they are the ones being discriminated!

  • S Garrett - 8 years ago

    We the people own the land, all of us, if Alta wants to restrict the access then they should put a resort on property they own, not ours. I'm not a fan of snowboarders either, many of them are rather rude, however they are no different than most skiers in that they too own the property. If Alta would put a half pipe out away from most of the skiers than most of their troubles would be solved, they can also enforce rules of behavior and that would solve the rest of their problems. If they are allowed to restrict snowboarders who's next on the list, it starts a downward spiral, I am a conservative person and I believe in our Constitution, as written, not in it as a living document meant to evolve with time and we are facing more restrictions from our public lands every day by our Government let alone by private interests, enough is enough, stop taking our rights away.

  • snowmobiler - 8 years ago

    they should lift the ban on snowmobiling on public lands

  • K. Douglas - 8 years ago

    What's wrong with having just 1 of 10 resorts within 30 miles to be limited to skis only? Some boarders can't comprehend what boards do to a perfectly cut slope from skiers. I applaud Alta for preserving the integrity of the sport of skiing even though it might cut into their profitability. I guess a compromise might include allowing boarders on the land, but restricting them from using the resort lifts and tow ropes. Hopefully the courts reject this ridiculous, and waste of tax payers money.

  • Sheryl Williams - 8 years ago

    If all lawful activities should be allowed... then our state licensed snowmobiles should be allowed on all "Forest service public lands" and that means my licensed 4Wheelers and Jeep and Rock Craweler should be allowed on all Forest service lands... Alta is a Ski resort for local Utah skier's, it has always been a Ski resort for locals. How many resorts in Utah allows Snowboarding? Just because you can file a claim doesn't mean it's a smart thought. Get over yourself a enjoy the fact you have so many places in Utah to snowboard.

  • Sheryl Williams - 8 years ago

    If all lawful activities should be allowed... then our state licensed snowmobiles should be allowed on all "Forest service public lands" and that means my licensed 4Wheelers and Jeep andRockcraweler

  • J.P. Giudici - 8 years ago

    This is unconstitutional plain and simple. National forest land is for everyone!!

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