Is Lee Devine my biological brother?

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  • Sharon Nelson Nutt - 8 years ago

    Roberta - yes, yes, yes.. Lee IS YOUR BROTHER. You feel that in every part of you, but you're one who must have "the proof". I would ask the earlier question that someone else asked - is there is some part of Lee in Ruth's possession that could help you find the DNA? If that isn't possible, then REST. Know that 75% of us agree, he is your brother. You've had a LOT to get through in the past week. Rest and let it all sink in properly. Know that we all send our love and complete respect to you!! What an amazing journey you've taken us on, and we not only helped but we loved every second of it. You're a wonderful writer, geneticist, human being! When you're ready, take us to the next step.. Our prayers and highest regards to you always!

  • Cari Barringham - 8 years ago

    Any chance that widow Ruth might have something left from Lee that might contain his DNA?

  • JohnH - 8 years ago

    I think he is you brother. I'd lay good odds on it if i were a betting man.
    Thanks for the story; staright from the heart!

  • Susan Herrera - 8 years ago

    What a story - Thank you for sharing it. I voted "I can't tell". I sure enjoy your site. Interesting, Inspiring , Honest. Thank you.

  • Karen Marcum - 8 years ago

    I think he is your brother from the connection between Ilo and your dad and that the idea for a quilt is wonderful. You can go no further in this search but he can live in your heart and your quilt can be a tribute to that love and your long search for him.

  • Frances W. - 8 years ago

    Lee had a very pretty shaped mouth that was duplicated in the other members of your family. I have found that very often children look more like grandparents, aunts or uncles, than their parents. Lee looked very much like your Uncle Joseph. He was a very good looking man.

  • Deb Callicott - 8 years ago

    Your paper trail is very strong; and through he does not resemble you in the same way that your 1/2 sister does, it is most probably the person you have sought all these years .... In your heart this is your brother and now you can lay him to rest ......
    Thank you for sharing !!!!

  • gjohns - 8 years ago

    Still seems a strong possible. The future may tell.

  • Cynthia Beverforden - 8 years ago

    I think he is biologically related to you. I am just hot sure if he is your brother.

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