Should the "thug toddler" be taken away from his parents?

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  • Animaine Sparkster - 10 years ago

    Taken away from his parents? These fools should've never been allowed to be parents in the 1st place! I know this is all part of a greater cycle of poverty and street culture, but when you're responsible for another life you lose the option of simply being a product of your environment. The worst part? Most of us have seen this child. We've known his parents. And coming from a home like this, we know where he's bound to end up more likely than not. Notice I didn't say "all", so I'm acknowledging that not everyone raised in a household like this one turns out bad. (that's for the "well, actually" crowd who make a living out of being intentionally obtuse and missing the entire point of whatever's being said to focus on an exception to a rule)

    Cases like this remind me of the case of the Atlanta mother who got tazed in the strip mall a year or so ago. These the type of family members to walk in the room, smack your shit on the floor, then Balrog punch you in the chest for "bein a bitch". But as much as I want to, I can't in full conscience suggest an actual parent test. Regardless of its original intentions, it would inevitably devolve into a monster of a gatekeeper thriving on the dark power of the Isms. Racism, sexism, classism, ableism, etc. It would get ugly quick.

    But yeah, hopefully his next home will contain some genuine love and care. Was the video the worst thing we've seen kids be exposed to? Not by any means. But it IS a sign that the child is in an overall shitty environment. I only hope this poor boy isn't irreversibly fucked up.

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