Do you think sexy selfies are objectifying or empowering to women?

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  • Delilah - 9 years ago

    Women are objectified by men no matter what we have on- for some men its just in their nature, She could be in a chicken uni-suit and some men would still think about her only as a sexual object. So we shouldn't let that hinder us from doing as we please or using our healthy figures to take us further professionally. The most important thing is that women are strong in their ideas and understand the importance of inner beauty to be held at an equally high (if not higher) regard. I feel like it is old school to regulate women in any way and to say don't do this or don't do that bc people with think a certain way is bad for feminism- because it is all in how women carry themselves and their attitudes and I put anyone in their place who wants to label or degrade our freedoms. Education is key, as in most cases.

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