Choose the over-dress fabric


  • Aidan Gibbons - 8 years ago

    I think the lace would compliment the blush pink under-dress quite nicely.

  • Jennifer Duncan - 8 years ago

    You are soooo creative!! I am very proud of you sista!

  • Deborah Jeanne - 8 years ago

    Lobbying for silk chiffon & lace combined as nothing drapes or moves like silk yet lace is so dreamy. Ok, CHIFFON, but hoping for great Gibbonous Gobs of dripping lace trim.

  • Linda Nicholls - 8 years ago

    You are incredibly talented and creative Jessica....I can't wait to see what your "dressmaker" will do with all the votes ! Lots of fun!!!

  • Beth Barker - 8 years ago

    Chiffon is always elegant and flows beautifully which should compliment the heroine nicely. Given your dressmaking skills, Jessica, I'm sure the gown will be gorgeous!

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