"Do you think the new White Dwarf format change is a good thing?"

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  • Gene - 9 years ago

    I don't trust GW enough to think they aren't just going to use this as a way to make shitty products that they "fix" later in the same fashion as Finecast and liquid green stuff. This seems like a great opportunity for GW to move to a format where the core codex of all future releases is unimpressive and then they supplement it with White Dwarf additional rule sets. I'm already mad at them for putting out the codex supplements, and I would absolutely opt for a five dollar book over another 50 dollar book with two pages of rules, but I think it just sets a bad precedent. When I buy the rules for my army, I want the rules for my army. I don't want to play this absurd treasure hunt where I have to wait several months after the release of my chosen army for me to give a shit about my chosen army.

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