Have you met in person the people you've discovered during genealogy or DNA research?


  • Frances - 9 years ago

    I had a similar experience in Austin. A man I had been corresponding with was in town, and I was to meet him and his wife at the genealogy library. I asked how I would know him, and he said, "You can't miss me. I look just like all the Beasleys." The only ones I had met were my mother's immediately family. I walked into the library, looked around, and there across the room was my Uncle Malcolm, who had a dark complexion, black eyes, and bald head. Only this Malcolm (Marion) was fair, blue eyed, with a big head of grey hair. We visited several times and corresponded until his death several years later and never found any way we were kin, but neither of us had a doubt we were. Even his personality was so much like my uncle's it was eerie.

  • Sandra - 9 years ago

    Several years ago, prior to getting into DNA studies, I was on a genealogy trip to Virginia. I was in a rural cemetery that I had been directed to by a chance encounter at the local community college. I was taking pictures of my ancestors' stones when a woman came walking down the road with her toddler. I explained what I was doing and that the people in the cemetery were my ancestors. When I mentioned the name she said, "Oh there is a Sayers that lives right down the road". To make a long story short, I met, had lunch with, and visited the homes of my newly discovered 4th cousins. We communicated until their recent deaths.

  • Lil Heselton - 9 years ago

    I have physically met four genealogical cousins. One lives close to me and we meet evey six months or so for lunch and chat about "uncle Cornelius". It turns out we have many of the same photos. which shows the families did keep in touch. Fortunately my photos have the names of his family and his have the names of mine written on the back. It really worked.

    Another lives close to the spot in MN where our g Grandparents lived. We visited the "hometown" and cemeteries together and have collaborated ever since.

    The third cousin just passed away this past year, she visited me here at my home, she had brought many photos and we spent the entire afternoon at the photocopier, with a long trip to Staples for some laser copies of photos. We had corresponded at Christmas for 30 years, When I didnt get the letter, I googled her and discovered she had passed.

    The fourth cousin l visited a couple of times before she was stricken with dementia. She too shared many photos,
    I am so glad we met each of these folks. But do it soon!!!!!!

  • Karen - 9 years ago

    One of my favorite stories: I was supposed to meet a 4th cousin at a Donut shop on a Sat morning in Indianapolis. You'd never guess how many women show up at a donut shop on a Sat. I was worried I wouldn't be able to pick her out. I spotted her the minute she pulled into the parking lot, she looked just like my sister.

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