How much did you enjoy the chapter on Practical Spirituality?

  • Dayananda Senaratne - 4 years ago

    The 'Missing Chapter' is the best chapter in the book. What a loss that the publishers did not include it!

  • Anonymous - 4 years ago

    This reads like you're blaming people for the reactions of others. As if we're responsible for how other people reacted or responded to us. This makes me not want to interact with people at all, since apparently I have so much power over others, and I don't want that. Life feels much easier without people.

  • Don Clark - 5 years ago

    Thank you for this article. I always like to see the commonality of Religion and Psychology. Please write more on this subject.

  • Henrique - 7 years ago

    About the separation (or not) between the "lamp" and "me" in scientific terms, is very interesting read the books of Lynne McTaggart.
    About the nonsense of "Oneness", I would like say that is true because "mind" cannot understand what is "no-mind" (Buddhist notion/experience) and the "Oneness" (notion/experience) "comes" from "no-mind" not from the "mind".

    I think Dr. Burns must write more about this topic of Spirituality.
    Nowadays it seems to me that Quantum Physics is more interested/connected on spirituality (experiences related by Buddhists for example) than Psycology... Some times it seems to me that Physics is creating the path for the Psycology of the future.
    It is very good that, somebody like Dr. Burns, speaks about the scientific notion of "mind" and the relationship with Spirituality.

  • Brian Carroll - 7 years ago

    I am visiting your website at the recommendation of my son's psychiatrist (Dr. Kirk Lum) and I have just begun reading 'Feeling Good'. I also bought the 'Feeling Good Handbook' but have not delved into it yet. What I have read so far has been eye-opening in many respects. I saw the Spirituality segment mention on this page and had to check it out as I often wonder about my own spirituality (or lack thereof !) and wondered about its affect on me and the three kids I have raised by myself. I count myself among the 'lost sheep' of the Catholic faith and while I attended Mass when the kids were young we seldom go anymore. But now they are older and I find myself wishing I still belonged but ..........why? I need to read further in the book. I am gaining more insight with every page! Thank you, Dr. Burns! I hope you do more chapters on Spirituality!

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