What Missing Feature Do You Want Most In WorkFlowy?


  • SS - 7 years ago

    Would love to see encryption. You talk about having a shared document, but also talk about journaling being important to you. Agree with both ideas, but I don't always want to share everything going on in my head. Am trying to switch from Evernote, but the lack of encryption/security is keeping me on the fence. Am I missing something? Is there a workaround?

  • Chandler P - 7 years ago

    I, like many I'm sure, am in the need of Find and Replace for tags if I am going to use Workflowy full time as a task/project management app. With that said, you can create a keyboard maestro (Mac users) shortcut that will copy highlight text to the clipboard, run find and replace based on your pre-defined criteria, and spit the new line back out. The only downside is you have to do this line by line....I tried highlighting multiple lines (lines in between the tags I was switching) and running the function but it doesn't spit out the formatting the same. You would have to re-indent lines, etc. Not an ideal workaround...so I will keep searching for better options

  • jl - 8 years ago

    A popup dialog or sidebar for "all tags" and perhaps the ability to make aliases for them too if possible.
    ie. "#tag" and "#hash" mean the same tag or thing and one turns up if you search the other.

  • Moshe Flam - 8 years ago

    X - for delete

    Hyperlink (to url or to part of workflowy, option to open in this window, default in new tab/window)

  • Moshe Flam - 8 years ago


  • Kathy - 8 years ago

    One other request - to have a favorites (starred) link on my ipad, and have it sync with the favorites on my pc. Thanks - love workflowy

  • Kathy - 8 years ago

    A small request - the expand/collapse (+/-) switches on the ipad app are too far to the right, making it visually difficult to select the one I want much of the time. Would prefer them to be on the left like they are on the pc version. Not such a problem on the iphone as there is less distance for my eyes to get lost grabbing the right tag.

  • Kellertuer - 8 years ago

    I would like to have MathJax, because from time to time i would like to sketch math formulae. Maybe it's better to work with \( an \) (instead of the usual TeX alternative $ $) and of course live-rendering might be a challenge, but it would be really really great.

  • Jason - 8 years ago

    Dates! I like this product but upgrading to paid is not an option without first class support for dates. Preferably something simple that does not get in the way. Something like #due@2014-06-01 or #completed@2014-06-01. Then searching could be supported with something like this: #due = 2014-06-01 AND ##completed

  • Joaquin - 8 years ago

    Possibility to attach files

  • James Pederson - 8 years ago

    A keyboard shortcut to show/hide the starred pages pane/list on the Chrome App. :) That's it, nothing else! Great work!

  • Rich Tatum - 8 years ago

    Calendars, please! With alarms. Or at least the ability to create a Webcal link so I can suck the calendar with dates dynamically into Google Calendar and Outlook.

    It’d also be brilliant to allow sorting on a list node. Not all lists are hierachically organized by logical position: sometimes lists need to be ordered by ordinal methods such as numbered lists or alpha sort.


    (PS: Love WorkFlowy!)

  • Bret - 8 years ago

    I like the idea of 'find and replace' within the app. This would really help with Tag management.

  • David - 8 years ago

    copy and paste please!!! I'm tearing my hair out every time I need to copy what I've worked on into another app!!!

  • Shaodong Qin - 8 years ago

    It would be great if Dates and Reminders are supported. Now I have to delete the tags "#today" everyday which is pretty annoying. Maybe you can also check how checkvist implemented this.

  • Greg - 8 years ago

    Simplicity is king with this app. Dates are nice to have, but selecting multiple items is one thing I try to do over and over.

  • bro-bro - 8 years ago

    Dates ! with reminders automaticly send to Google Calendar = perfection !

  • Sam Ginn - 8 years ago

    If I could drag my line items into a calendar on the side-bar that I could turn on and off... well, that would be the just best workflow I could ever think of.

  • Luke - 8 years ago

    An iOS 7/8 app overhaul would be great! The web app works really well but the iOS version is a bit clunky now. I would definitely be inclined to make WorkFlowy my primary notetaking App(and go back to being a Pro Member) if this happened. Thanks.

  • Mathias - 8 years ago

    (Due) dates and reminders to be used together with zoom and tag filters would be positively fantastic. It would be Christmas come early. I would literally open a bottle of bubbly here, I have one picked out. Also: Make it a pro-only feature if you like! Also2: You rock.

  • Patrick Honorez - 8 years ago

    I would like a 1 click way to delete completed items in current view. (not just hide)

  • jeffrey - 8 years ago

    Oops! Of course, Android has a back button. My previous comment should have been preceded by a bit more consideration.

  • Jeffrey - 8 years ago

    Oh how I miss the back buttons on the Android, IOS and Google Chrome apps. If you have a large list, it's so hard to get back to what you were working on once you have navigated away!

  • Corey - 8 years ago

    Please add pictures to the application, i would help a lot in my economics class with graphs and such when i take notes.

  • Heidi - 8 years ago

    Other: bookmark tags (for lack of a better word). By this, I mean that when you click/tap on the tag, it will find the tag outside the current level. I'm finding it annoying that when I click on a tag, it often brings up nothing because all the instances of the tag are outside of the current level, which means I have to go to the top level and manually type in the tag, thus defeating the purpose of clicking on the tag. I appreciate that there are reasons for only bringing up the tags within the current document, but there are also reasons for wanting to bring up tags from other documents. Therefore, maybe a new tag symbol (such as $ or % or !) is needed for tags with the latter functionality. By the way, I am a complete psycho. I didn't bother putting line breaks in at all.

  • Anton - 8 years ago

    There are 2 things that Workflowy lacking:
    - Android app
    - Location based reminders as in keep.google.com

  • Knutta - 8 years ago

    It would be a miracle if all WorkFlowy pages had built in calculator: Start typing a calculation (no need for more advanced stuff than + , - , / and *) and the correct answer is suggested instantly and updates automatically when you change input. The answer could appear like suggestion appears today when you start typing @ or #.

    Use this type of fuctionality thats built in to OS X's Spotlight search every day!

  • Ben - 8 years ago

    I'm curious about the dates and some kind of notification function. If these could be features that could be turned on/off (rather like the keyboard shortcuts feature) or added in such a way that the UI simplicity is maintained and the rest of the system is unaffected if it isn't used, I'm all for it.

  • Ben - 8 years ago

    I selected other: For the mobile app to have all the features of the desktop browser version. (E.g. Expand all, create note, sharing features [currently can't add a shared workflowy with an iPad or iPhone, it seems}).

    Hopefully, you can develop this for the Android app and update the iPhone app too.

    Also, could you please have the iOS app support bluetooth keyboard cursor keys? Notes can do this

  • Bill - 8 years ago

    A faster way to temporarily cluster or distinguish multiple entries according to priority levels from a list would be extremely useful. Tagging for this purpose works but becomes cumbersome and tedious to reset or recluster as priorities change from day to day. I've long thought that a color coding mode would work well if it could be used to color an entry simply by clicking on the entry similar to marking an entry as completed. For example, in color mode chose a color, say red, as high priority. Then scroll through list clicking high priority entries one-by-one to red highlight each. For lower priority chose another color, say blue, and repeat the process. To allow resetting priority of any given entry later I would assume this could easily be done by unclicking as is done to unmark an entry as completed. I especially like the idea of color marking entries in this way not only because it would be so much easier to quickly set priorities but it would be so much easier and faster to find entries for action once marked. Of course, although I used "priority" as the purpose, color coding entries from a long list could work as well for many other purposes. For example, for shopping clustering items to be bought at a one store vs another. Or "on the job" reset action items as circumstances change.

  • Cetin - 8 years ago

    Also voted for the android app. That app should really come fast. As a GTDer I try to put my thoughts/ideas directly into "the system", in my case Workflowy. But since the switch (from Evernote), I'm struggling to keep up my system because the lack of a proper app.
    I also love the idea of an API. As a programmer, I would definitely use it!

  • Jenny R - 8 years ago

    My "Other" feature suggestion: alpha sort the items in a list, next level down only.

  • Juan - 8 years ago

    Dates, reminder and time tracking would be great ))

  • Kerim - 8 years ago

    I would like a native IOS app. The web version works great on the desktop but it is really awful on the iPhone/iPad. A lot of features are missing, and the general UX lacks the grace and elegance of the web version.

  • Frank - 9 years ago

    I have an android phone and don't mind bookmarking the website. I would use it much more often with an offline app, though.

    I voted for dates and times, but mostly for archival purposes (e.g., here are my notes on a conversation I had on this day), not for scheduling. I trust you won't label all dates as "due dates," which would be kind of distracting.

    An API would be even better, of course, as that might allow GTD types to tweak things to their taste.

  • Eric - 9 years ago

    @Steve Maher asks a great question about Dates & Reminders: "How would that work? How would it fit into your workflow?" I think simplicity is key. Just like you can "Add Note" to each bullet point, just have an option for "Add Date", which would be displayed in smaller text below any Note items. In a settings section, you can ask to have the bullet point emailed or txtmsg'd to a specific address. (Additionally, Google Calendar supports calendar item creation via email, so Workflowy could utilize this feature for Calendar support.) As for checking on upcoming due or overdue items, just place a "bell icon" next to the "star icon" that already exists next to the search box. When a user selects the 'bell icon', it filters out bullet points based on the date, displaying Due Today, Due Tomorrow, Due Yesterday, and Overdue. The user should be able to edit/change those dates from that screen, or just get it done! I think this is the simplest way to add Dates & Reminders functionality that is easy to "get" and to use.

  • Eric - 9 years ago

    Dates & Reminders would really complete Workflowy and take it to the next level. Honestly, it could be argued that if Workflowy doesn't have Dates & Reminders it falls short of all the other productivity apps out there. The feature would get a lot of press, too, which would attract more users.

    An Android app, while nice to have, is not necessary at this point. We can all use the browser version on our phones ... "offline" just is not necessary right now (who doesn't have Internet access all the time?) compared to basic productivity functionality like Dates & Reminders.

  • Amir Masoud Abdol - 9 years ago

    I would get rid of all the productivity tools if Workflowy has dates and reminder. Seriously!

  • pastronaute - 9 years ago

    It's 2014. The lack of an offline Android app is unforgiveable and alienating. Just look at the numbers : http://www.engadget.com/2013/10/31/strategy-analytics-q3-2013-phone-share/

  • cameron - 9 years ago

    A simple option to toggle on/off hierarchical display when searching would be PHENOMENAL. I use workflowy for GTD. Instead of adhering to the pure doctrine of having a separate next actions list though, I simply enter them under my bullets of #project, and use #action. However, I would like to have only #actions display instead of seeing the hierarchy for simplicity. If this can be done, it eliminates one of the main hurdles that many new GTD apprentices struggle with-- it will allow for next actions to be tied to the project, while still allowing for a psuedo "next actions" list to be generated simply by filtering.

    By the way, this has been the only to do app that has endured the test of time...thank you workflowy developers...from the bottom of my heart. I can truly say that this app has significantly improved my organization, productivity, and thus, my life.

  • Christopher - 9 years ago

    I rather like the idea of having a light API, maybe basic Perl/command-line-like stream/text editing utility functions (so people who can script a bit have the familiar API of a shell/Perl with the Zen of Workflowy).
    I also like the idea of some IFTTT integration based on level hierarchy Tagging/naming.

    Drag'n'drop multiple lines sounds awesome too, as do Dates/reminders.

  • Jan - 9 years ago

    You guys should seriously consider releasing a basic API, that would give the power users so much possibilities and you new ideas how to extend workflowy (including working code sample that would probably appear on github). An easy usecase - one could use an email + Zapier to have a really fast and convenient way to add a todo from any device by emailing it (which is something to kill for if you are an android or wp8 user). Also this way you could integrate email tasks just by forwarding them or add tasks from your project management tool at work (like JIRA or Asana) to your workflowy just by setting up a Zap (@ Zapier). Not to mention reminders would be a piece of cake using a third party service -> just use ^10.11.2014, parse it in a Zap and add it to any reminder app/service like Google Calendar.

  • Dan - 9 years ago

    I voted for Dates & Reminders. Another nice feature would be the ability to utilize the star (favorites) feature on the mobile app. I have tons of stuff in my Workflowy and this allows for quick navigation. Including this on mobile would be great.

  • Pete Mauro - 9 years ago

    I voted for dates and reminders but of course I don't want to to mess up the "zen like" UI that you have. I would love an email / digest for notifications.

    About mobile - what about a web app that works for Android and Windows?

  • Greg - 9 years ago

    The ability to copy search results out to other docs, e.g. email, etc.

  • Sara - 9 years ago

    Being able to select multiple lines would be FANTASTIC. I often use tags to sort my entries, and being able to search a tag, then copy everything that pulls up would be a huge time-saver and very useful for me! Please add!

  • Jeff Bridges - 9 years ago

    NEED the ability to select multiple lines. PLEASE HELP!

  • Rachel - 9 years ago

    I voted for dates/reminders out of curiosity to see what added functionality that could bring, but, as others said, an Android app is a must!

  • Alexandr - 9 years ago

    I am not a paying customer (I hate recurring payments and free limits are good enough for me), but I would pay/donate for an android app. You definitely can propose a dollar backed voting for one (and fund it too from this ;) or, just. Kickstarter it ;) as videloan for win8 did.

  • George Dumas - 9 years ago

    I voted for Dates & Reminders but feel the need of an Android app just as much!!!!

  • Madeleine - 9 years ago

    The Android market share has grown too big to ignore. We NEED an Android app!

  • Alex Moss - 9 years ago

    ...and like Steve Maher, I'm also not psycho (at least not for this reason), I also used line breaks, which seem to disappear when the comment gets posted here in this forum.

  • Alex Moss - 9 years ago

    To Steve Maher: dates are *essential* for me. I use WF to manage and prioritize my workflow. That means I need to know when I talked to someone, when I need to call them back, I need to have meeting notes, with dates, etc. etc. etc. etc. I cannot use a workflow product w/out dates. Now, I manually type dates. It's a total drag. I need the ability to date stamp and item, and to enter a future (or past) date easily.

    Otherwise: I voted for dates, but I also really would love an android app.

    Finally, not on the list of features on which we could vote: I'd like the ability to link to specific Google Calendar events and to specific Google Contacts, that would make Workflowy a true integrated project workflow app for my needs.

  • Samus_ - 9 years ago

    I want the rest of the standard rich-text tools not just bold and italics. It's up to everyone to use them or not but not having them limits the options, I prefer to use hierarchy for grouping and highlight for importance and that's what works best for me. I want to be able to use Workflowy that way.

  • Steve Maher - 9 years ago

    I'm not a psycho.

    There were line breaks in my comments.

  • Steve Maher - 9 years ago

    Yes, there should be an android app in order for workflowy to be a credible across-the-board option and not just a super-tool for the few.

    I voted for way to do a one-time alphabetization of lists/levels because I try to keep my structure with as few levels as I can get by with, but not fewer than necessary.

    Also, I get the idea of bold and italic, and it is useful, but one of the things I adore about Workflowy is that it forces me to organize with structure and not graphic elements. So many times I see documents that are like: "bold means this. big text means that, highlighted means this, red text means that." Workflowy forces me to let the the structure and the text communicate the story.

    But my real question is for all the people who voted for "Dates and Reminders". How would that work? How would it fit into your workflow?

  • Dennis - 9 years ago

    An Android app will be awesome! :-)

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