What’s your opinion of state HSUS Ag Councils?


  • Roger Wright - 10 years ago

    Hsus is against all animal agriculture in this country. They use lies to exploit and steal money from citizens that have no idea of the truth. Very little of the money they get from people goes to the housing and care of animals. Their money they get in donations goes in the lobbying process to pay politicians under the table for their own agendas. They are against zoos, SeaWorld, circus, rodeos, hunting, fishing, and farming and agriculture with livestock. They use cockfighting and dogfighting and other areas to embezzle money from unknowing people. Hsus is nothing more than a corrupt bunch that launders money from people who don't know the truth about game fowl or any other animal agriculture. They use their money to lobby with and get legislation introduced and passed most of the time. They are a tax exempt organization no different from a church but still everyday they they still love baby and that is breaking the law. No tax exempt organization here allowed to lobby for any law and they aren't allowed to be involved in any political process. This country needs to open their eyes and see the HSUS for what they really are. They are conartist who are trying to take peoples rights. They do not care about any kind of animal. They use the animals like a cash cow embezzling money from people who don't know their hidden agenda.

  • brad steele - 10 years ago

    Before you all start on houndsmen get you facts right i have never hunted 40 dogs at a time. I bet in 31 years of life i havent even owned 40 hounds. i never heard of 40 hounds being turned out together. Find something else better to do with your time

  • Wesley Willis - 10 years ago

    I agree with Mr. B.L. Cozad jr. and Mr. Doug Bowling they hit the nail on the head. And how could someone be trusted thats being sued for the RICO ACT.

  • B.L. Cozad Jr - 10 years ago

    Enforcing unconstitutional laws endangers human lives
    The enforcement of any law creates situations where government agents may hurt, cripple and yes even kill people to force compliance on those that disagree with the law.

    Any statute (law) that is unconstitutional is illegal and therefore every act to enforce the illegal statute (law) is an illegal act by the government and ignorance of “the law” is no excuse, the “law” of course being our God given rights which are guaranteed and protected by the US Constitution.

    The fundamental concept of liberty embodied in the Fourteenth Amendment embraces the liberties guaranteed by the First Amendment. The enactment by a State of any law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof is forbidden by the Fourteenth Amendment. Under the constitutional guaranty, freedom of conscience and of religious belief is absolute; although freedom to act in the exercise of religion is subject to regulation for the protection of society. Such regulation, however, in attaining a permissible end, must not unduly infringe the protected freedom.

    God gave man dominion over the earth, animals, fish and fowl, and our Constitution is written to ensure that each man is equal in these God given property rights. Neither my neighbor nor my government officials have the authority to supersede God and deprive me of the dominion (total authority and control) that God himself gave me of the land or the animals that I own.

    A complete and thorough comprehension of the information above proves that the Animal Welfare Act of 1966 and every animal welfare/animal cruelty law in America are unconstitutional and are the foundation of the communist UN Agenda 21 plan to destroy property rights, seize control of all food sources and move nature, animals, fish and fowl above human lives while assuming the unconstitutional ability to control the property of all property owners.

  • Tayclarets - 10 years ago

    The only people who support H$U$ and their sick agenda are members of that organization or folks who are ignorant to what they actually want to do with this country and all farming..America better wake up and stop donating to H$U$ and other animal rights cults. JP Goodwin, one of the leaders of H$U$ boast openly in Animal Rights Magazines and in open forum before groups has made the statement on many occasions "we aren't gonna stop until we abolish all animal agriculture in America"!!!!! So don't believe they are doing things for the betterment of animals. Go ask your local animal shelter and see how much H$u$ donates to help them. PETA, H$U$, ASPCA kill millions of animals year in and year out. With the millions and millions of dollars they suck people into donating under false pretenses you would think they would do more to help "defenseless" animals instead of sending them to their death. They save nothing!!! Go check out what they did the commercial poultry and egg industry in California. Check out what they have done to beef and pig producers in other states. You know what they did? They put them out of business. Why do you think much of your eggs and meats are now imported from Central American and the Far East. Remember the problem a couple of years ago with eggs imported from China??? So think again about what these sick ARA cultist are saying is cruel. Remember their leaders are also Vegans. Remember when Ingrid Neikirk president of PETA made the statement that she wished all the cattle would get hoof and mouth disease!! A very painful death for cattle. They want us to stop milking our cows. Something that is very painful for the cow. I know our biggest problem in America is how these ARA groups count on Urbanites to support them Knowing they haven't a clue about what it's like to farm and how we farmers have to care for our animals. Well I've said enough and I know ARA cultist will jump up and down with what I have said..But they also know what I said is the absolute truth. And I hope, no I pray the American People will wake up and stop this sick attack on our country and the American Farmer. Remember every time you read about an ALF (animal liberation front) attack on farms and farmers, college professors, research labs, etc., ask yourself where they get their money from. Also remember JP Goodwin is a convicted felon because of his support of ALF and how he was a convicted arson along with some teenagers. America cannot stand to keep having H$U$ and their battery of lawyers and liars, dictating how we are gonna live and how we raise our farm animals for food for our population. They are slowling wiping out the American farm. All you have to do is just check on the laws they are pushing and ask yourself, Why?

  • B.L. Cozad Jr - 10 years ago

    The HSUS is a UN Agenda 21 supporting Non-Government Organization (NGO) bent on instituting the policies of UN Agenda 21 in every state in America. The policies of UN Agenda 21 are meant to destroy our animal agriculture industries and achieve agenda 21 founder and senior HSUS board member/advisor Maurice Strong’s stated goal “to cause the collapse of America. The goal of UN Agenda 21 is moving nature, animals, fish and fowl above human lives. The HSUS’s role in achieving the UN Agenda 21 plan is to attack our animal agriculture industries, drive up the cost of animal production, use false propaganda to vilify and demonize farmers and ranchers, criminalize our agriculture industries when and where possible using any and every lie possible. Our state legislators must stand up and stop the Agenda 21 advocates of the HSUS and push this corrupt organization out of America.
    If the HSUS can convince our government can grant rights to animals and then use that as a pretense to make raids, deprive people of their liberty, point guns at human beings creating situations where government agents may hurt, cripple and even kill the farmers and ranchers using the excuse that the government's duty is to defend animals thus destroying the God given constitutionally protected rights of the individual farmer and rancher over animals that the farmers and ranchers own then what God given rights do you have that the government cannot deprive you of?

  • Wally - 10 years ago

    All I know is, I make a nice premium when I sell beef to customers who specify they want it from animals that are treated well and who can see for themselves that I can demonstrate that. Humane treatment costs a little more but it pays for itself and more.

  • Karen - 10 years ago

    Are you kidding me Angel Roller? You are dead wrong. I work for Mr. Pacelle. He OWNS a dog. A sweet beagle he brings to the office! We even have a "dog in the office" work place. I am in my 15th year at HSUS and fed up with misinformation such as what you are saying. The HSUS is working to combat the worst animal abuses, including factory farming. The HSUS supports family farmers and is working with them to put more farmers to work and get more animals out of factory-farmed warehouses--that means out of suffering. We are proud to have six State Agriculture Councils now, with more to come. These are real farmers working in the U.S.A. It couldn't be more plain. We support animal agriculture. We support farmers. Get your facts straight.

  • Doug Bowling - 10 years ago

    HSUS goal is to end all agricultural uses of animals and to ban all forms of hunting. They will lie, cheat, and steal their way into any office to further their insane agenda. Don't support the HSUS!

  • B.L. Cozad Jr - 10 years ago

    The HSUS is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) that works to institute the policies of United Nations Agenda 21. If you've never heard of UN Agenda 21 then please research it on the web.

    UN Agenda 21 is list of suggested policies that if instituted in the USA mean destroying the Constitution of the United States as the governing document of America and replacing the Constitution with the individual policies taken from the UN Agenda 21 Charter.

    The co-founder of UN Agenda 21 is Maurice Strong. Strong is a senior board member and advisor of the HSUS and has stated his goal is "to cause the collapse of the industrialized nations", and America is at the top of his list. He advocates using NGO's like the HSUS to institute the policies of UN Agenda 21 even at the local level.

    The complete implementation of UN Agenda 21 would move nature, animals, fish and fowl to a level of higher importance than man and remove all rural people from the rural lands forcing us all into "human settlement zones".

    The HSUS's umbrella organization is the Humane Society International (HSI) which is one of 983 United Nations accredited NGO's created and financed for the sole purpose of working to institute the policies of UN Agenda 21 through their sub-organizations like the HSUS.

    Please research UN Agenda 21 and learn the truth about the HSUS and their evil intentions.

  • Chuck Zimmerman - 10 years ago

    Thanks Amanda and Alex. Appreciate you finding our poll to comment on in support of HSUS as you do so many times on other websites/stories. Are you working for them?

  • Dawson - 10 years ago

    It's a great idea. Consumers want more transparency and accountability in their food production and, more and more, people want to know that their food is produced humanely.

    Teaming up with a respected and highly visible animal protection organization like HSUS is just smart business. It's good for farmers, and it's good for the future of agriculture.

    Also, this paranoid BS about HSUS working to eliminate human-animal interaction is just that: paranoid BS. The guy owned a couple of cats for years, and owns a dog now. The enemy of farmers is not HSUS - it's corporate agricultural interests that are squeezing the human touch out of farming. It's time for farmers to wake up and take their industry back!

  • Amanda Katz - 10 years ago

    Of course they should work with HSUS. Contrary to the tin foil hat conspiracy theories, HSUS is not out to end animal agriculture. It is out to make sure animals are treated better. That does mean ending intense confinement on industrial farms. What is so wrong with letting animals move? That's what muscles are for. Farms that let animals express natural behavior are healthier for both animals, people, and the environment. By the way, the president of HSUS is on record as saying we need more farmers, not fewer.

  • Angel Roller - 10 years ago

    When the president of the organization makes it his goal to prevent any type of animal usage, including owning pets, I don't believe there is any way farmers/agriculturists can place any kind of trust in them. I firmly believe it is a new marketing scheme to attract those who are not as informed about the HSUS as they should be. Wayne Pacelle has publicly declared his goal is to abolish animal agriculture.

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