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  • Tonia Mendonca - 2 years ago

    I like the explanation of ego death as the giving up of something that we want desperately.

    I think that the possibility of hankering after something that one doesn't have, or repetitive thinking about what one wants and doesn't have - especially some social achievement such as complete family, professional success, lifestyle - could contribute to depression. It also causes anger with people who one thinks have these things. The underlying feeling is actually plain-and-simple jealousy.

    Redefining the sources of happiness in one's everyday life, redefining one's meaningful role in this world realistically could help to bring about that ego death. For example, instead of hankering to be a prominent participant in a social group, one could realise that it is sufficient just to enjoy the love of one's own family everyday. Then suddenly happiness is so much within reach, when the comparisons go away.

  • Corrie Lee - 5 years ago

    What are the four deaths of the ego?

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