• roy - 15 years ago

    agree 100% with andrew sullivan totally foolish to have his speech in a stadium what if it doesnt fill up what if it rains silly decision

  • Lib - 15 years ago

    I'm beginning to think that the only way to get some of the McCain blunders into the cable news loop is for Saturday Night Live to make fun of the press again.

  • Chris - 15 years ago

    "Just stop it with the code words." Wow, talk about paranoid. Read Marc's post: he links to Sullivan, who loves Obama but still rightly acknowledges that his campaign has displayed a lot of hubris. It's pretty sad that so many of Obama's supporters and surrogates are trying to drag race into every nook and cranny of this campaign, while the man they say they support talks about rising above it.

  • Peg - 15 years ago

    Did you mean 'cocky' or 'uppity'? Just stop it with the code words.

  • Rainy - 15 years ago

    I really wish people would stop telling the Obamas' how to raise their children. It was ONE interview. Big deal!


  • Punditish - 15 years ago

    Uh, yeah, If by "everyone" else you mean the half-dozen people who chastise Marc over every poll he has up. That's all it takes to establish "uniformity," huh? Okayyyy....if you ask me (not that you would), the telling thing is that they never make any arguments, and their comments devolve into personal insults and vulgarities in no time flat. That's not generally an indicator that someone actually, you know, has a point.

  • sigh - 15 years ago

    It's telling that people like Punditish would leap to Ambinder's defense. When the only people who think your reporting is balanced are right-wing bloggers following your lead in flogging Ayers and "bittergate" to death while making excuses for McCain, and your reporting is being uniformly criticized by everyone else, I think it's time to admit you're not quite as nonpartisan as you like to believe.

  • Punditish - 15 years ago

    "I'm sick of this. When a Democrat projects confidence, it's called "cockiness"; when a Republican projects confidence, it's called "strength". Enough is enough!"

    Nonsense. It's not merely "confidence" to use a mockup of the Presidential seal with your logo on it, or declare in your speeches that future generations will look back at "this moment as the time when the earth began to heal." That's just one example of the absurdly grandiose language which has been the hallmark of Obama's campaign. If you want to vote for him, more power to you, but to pretend he's just exhibiting "confidence" is absurd on its face.

    And, as usual, the other commenters should be ashamed of themselves. This place is flooded with angry Obama shills who exhibit paranoia at every report and poll. Get a grip, people.

  • Ambinder - 15 years ago

    Can we do the following poll: Can Ambinder see A) his cock b) His Feet c) only in a mirror d) only his feet in a mirror.

  • Tabith - 15 years ago

    I can see how people could vote for either of the first two options... but the media (including Obamacon Andrew Sullivan) deliberately trying to hurt Obama and help McCain? ROFL

  • Dan - 15 years ago

    I'm sick of this. When a Democrat projects confidence, it's called "cockiness"; when a Republican projects confidence, it's called "strength". Enough is enough!

  • andrew - 15 years ago

    I'm somewhere in between the first two. I think the lapses are not unimportant, but have more to do with Obama scaling his operation than anything else

  • qjkx - 15 years ago

    Shut up, Ambinder.

  • Joe Justice - 15 years ago

    There is nothing cocky about projecting confidence and purpose.

    McCain has neither. All he has is entitlement. Why is he running again?

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