Who watered down your Wrath?


  • leeeex - 9 years ago

    Hi Nina,

    The outcome of all the choices in the visual novel actually only alter your own experience except for the choices on day 10.

    Without giving too much away for the endings, there's basically 5 different endings depending on where you choose to go to on your 10th day and what your response is (romantic or friendly) to the guys. Perhaps you'd like to save the game at the start of the 10th day and play through different choices to see the different endings!

    That being said, within the next few weeks I'll try to post more info on "Wrath" such as character profiles and elaborations on the endings. Some little goodies for you all till the next visual novel is done :)


  • nina - 9 years ago

    can you make a walkthrough of this game ?

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