Given all the security concerns around Sochi for Olympians, family, fans, etc, would you cancel your trip at this point?


  • Matt - 10 years ago

    I've been planning this for a couple years. It's easy to sit there and say you wouldn't go when you don't have a financial investment already laid out in having planned the trip. I'm not cancelling. EVERY Olympics gets security threats. The mainstream media is once again sensationalizing something for the sake of ratings. Only reason the military readiness is getting attention this time around is because we don't have a presence already in Russia like we do practically EVERYWHERE else. Come on people, think.

  • Arby's Mom - 10 years ago

    In actuality I wouldn't have ever planned to go. When some U.S. athletes are telling their families to stay home so that concerns over their safety are not a distraction, that tells you how dangerous it is.

  • robert - 10 years ago

    The first time in history two U.S. War ships will be there just in case.

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