Why did you choose to leave your prosthetist? (choose only 1 answer)

  • Lacey - 7 years ago

    I left my previous prosthetist because even though he told me that it was impossible for me to learn to walk he kept making prosthetics and charging me an arm and a leg for legs that I couldn't even wear. The final straw though was when he let me go over the weekend unable to remove my prosthesis because my lock had broken for the third time that week! Even after I left he kept trying to charge me more and more even though we never got out of the test socket phase! Horrible prosthetist! I went to see a new prosthetist and he had me walking within three days! So glad that I didn't give up! Now instead of being stuck in a wheelchair I'm out adventuring!

  • Donna Zimmerman - 7 years ago

    Prosthetist never addressed me when he spoke, he always spoke to my son. I was 61 years old, I wasn't senile. Plus when I was in-patient and they called him to come to the facility, he said that he didn't make house calls!!

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