Is The Mayor Of Atlanta Responsible For The Missteps In Dealing With The Snow?


  • da_ticklah - 9 years ago

    You summed it up with that white flight shit, dude was on the Today show saying the film clips of gridlock were from outside the city limits and that the city itself was much better off. Leave dude alone and let them suburbs pay some damn taxes. The same shit happening here in Memphis, folks moving to the next county and realizing that the power and sewer systems were not designed for all these new crackas. At the end of the day they wind up paying the same shit in taxes just to get no niggas in the school district.

  • wakandasfinest - 9 years ago

    Get off the Man. yeah, he gave a bad Interview. but hey at least he actually doing something about said issue. meanwhile, people were hailing Governor Chris Bitch-Tities as a hero. let him work.

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