Do you think the snow is real or fake?

  • Elso - 8 years ago

    Well I live in Michigan n we get snow every year n in my opinion the snow nowadays is not the snow I'm use to in the past ...I also get the sublimation factor but u would think that the black spots that remain (hasn't evaporated) so it should still be wet or moist which is not the case ....(classmates) how about this test find some untouched snow make tracks (footprints) n see if any moisture accumulates at all (non in my findings) which is absolutely not the norm....go figure

  • Jacob - 8 years ago


  • Andrew - 8 years ago

    Tykie you need to wake up and go back to school.

  • TYKIE - 8 years ago

    Sent my Son out in the snow to get a handful, brought it in to test it out and the same damn thing happened. WAKE UP PEOPLE, WE'RE BEING POISONED.
    it is called ECO-GENOCIDE....

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