Is Jesse Eisenberg a Good Choice for Lex Luthor?

  • Sha - 7 years ago

    I agree that that Jesse has decent acting talents...but Lex Luther? I don't see it. First of all, I feel he is too young for the part. Why not someone seasoned as Josh Brolin. He would be a perfect choice. I don't see this 5'7 actor standing up to Henry Cavil.

  • Justin Jones - 7 years ago

    Talented, sure. likeable, of course. Lex Luthor? um, maybe not. A bit young, for one. BUT, I feel we might be surprised by this, it sure is an interesting take on the character. Like everyone, I've watched in wonder and horror as $&%^ Zach Snyder and WB apparently grasp at whatever straw they can that they feel will bring in money and catch up with Marvel, and apparently screw up this movie in whatever way they can. I guess we'll see though. I really wanted to like MOS, and some of it I did, but for the most part all that was apparent was Snyders flashy bullshit. And Cavil acts mainly with his chin.

  • mike - 7 years ago

    Eh. Here's to him playing something other than a neurotic fast talking dweeb. Hopefully that isn't the whole range is capable of.

  • Superman_AZ - 7 years ago

    If I had to choose someone to play Lex Luthor, I would likely choose Stanley Tucci. He has the same raw, and unpredictable enthusiasm as Gene Hackman, or Kevin Spacey. He's played everything from silly to psychotic and would be ideal for this role. What's next? Seth Rogen will reprise the role of Otis, the herp derp assistant? So many better choices for actors out there, but it would seem they didn't really give a damn since they picked Affleck as Bruce Wayne. Did they NOT see Daredevil? Or Gigli?

  • Nope - 7 years ago

    Shave Will Smith's head and you have a good Lex Luthor

  • Kyle Ordway - 7 years ago

    You might spend a couple of bucks to rent it at the video store?
    Could your dated, dilapidated, half-assed attempt at spewing derogatory statements be anymore derelict if you tried?
    I'm sure Warner Bros. has truly been shaken to its core by the insular confines of your idiocy.
    My copious apologies that an actor from your generation of "video stores" didn't get the gig, but when you take a second to realize that this is part of the same production team that brought Heath Ledger to the Joker role after every who's who in the film industry scoffed and turned the announcement into one big obloquy; you'll see the difference between their genius and your grandiose illogicality.

  • LoL - 7 years ago

    Let's be honest, Eisenberg is a very talented actor and even though I can't see him as Lex Luthor, I believe that he has great potential to play the part well. So, I will eagerly await the movie because even though I can't see him in the role, I can see him surprising me.

  • Jesse Fan - 7 years ago

    Jesse is one of the most talented actors out there. Brilliant choice. Can't wait to see this movie. So refreshing to see a young Hollywood star making all the right choices. So proud of my former student!

  • MW - 7 years ago

    This could be a brilliant choice. Jesse Eisenberg alwsys seems to portray a huge level of intelligence and an understanding of the world beyond those around him. No more campy Lex Luthors, but a young, brilliant, evil Lex. I can see this being a big surprise like Heath ledger's Joker. Be bold!

  • DEAGS - 7 years ago

    Yes he is young and he is known as Mark Zuckerberg so that's perfect casting that will bring attention to the character.

  • Just Some Guy - 7 years ago

    Amazing choice. This is on the level of Heath Ledger as Joker. Big backlash at the time, but amazing choice of talent and creativeness. The final result will be just like Heath,you won't be able to see anyone else once its done.

  • WonderWomanJ3N - 7 years ago

    Once again, Hollywood had flubbed with "big name actors" filling the spots of very classic characters in a movie that SHOULD have been epic. I'm still not accepting Affleck and NOW Eisenberg? This isn't a question of talent, this is one of those things that should have been truly researched. This is just stupid and I won't be supporting their cinema debut.

  • PS - 7 years ago

    Okay, so I've come to terms with Ben Affleck as Batman. But Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor? I believe there was a much better choice in actors. Though Jesse Eisenberg is talented, and, his talent really isn't a questionable thing, I don't believe he's the best choice for the arch-villain type of role that Lex Luthor embodies. Warner brothers has really flubbed up this movie....I really don't know if I am going to pay to see it. Might rent it from the video store for a couple of bucks, but, there is no way on earth I am going to pay $10-$12 dollars at a theater to see it. No way.

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