Which Cover Would Temp You to Buy?


  • Justin Gage West - 9 years ago

    Totally liked the perils of heavy thinking cover but both our great. Perils of heavy thinking just made me want to look into it to see what its all about since I think alot about everything. Thanks for the great pieces of shorts.

  • Nancy Hartney - 9 years ago

    Title of Peeves I Like to Pet made me want to pull it off the shelf and take a closer look.

  • Burley Gayer - 9 years ago

    Looks like I'm in the minority, but I immediately preferred "The Perils of Heavy Thinking". Don't know why, just did. Good luck either way cuz!

  • Jim Braastad - 9 years ago

    I was IMMEDIATELY drawn to "Peeves I Like to Pet", Russell, as it reminded me of a "funny" our buddy Dave used to say:

    "Don't sweat the petty things, just pet the sweaty things!" LOL

    (Rest in peace, David!)

  • velda brotherton - 9 years ago

    If I were as clever as you I'd say something clever here. I voted and did my duty as a citizen of the Republic of America. Great book.

  • Brenda Black - 9 years ago

    Love both covers. Great idea to include your face in the humor. Something about petting peeves appeals to me.

  • Nan Falkner - 9 years ago

    Russell - I love the picture of you as the "THINKER." You are really talented - why haven't you been published before. Honestly, I think your writing is so clever you should be a household name and a guest on Jay Leno's last "Tonight Show" pushing your newest book! This is all so smart! Good luck!

  • J. B. Hogan - 9 years ago

    Good luck with the book, Russell. Hope it's a wiener.

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