Should Unity Allow 'Minimise on Click'?

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  • Daniel - 7 years ago

    I agree completely, I feel that this particular feature was what made Ubuntu great because it felt natural and the transition wasn't so bad coming from the older desktop environments. It felt polished and then when they disabled it it was a nightmare because all that comfort became anguish. I couldn't believe they took away the one feature i thought was truly great about this OS. I just don't see why there isn't an option to turn it on in the menu or system setting. is it that hard to implement? Really i feel its Mark saying that he made a slight mistake by getting rid of it and then he realized he make a grave mistake after all the fuss over it and because people are so upset hes a little butt hurt and refuses to bring it back by saying ridiculous stuff like "it didn't go well in testing with new users". PLEASE that's a natural thing, a launcher should control every part of your applications, so when someone ( a power user like myself ) has literally twenty different things open at the same time. I'd like a way to minimize them by clicking on the same launcher icon that ran them to begin with. We have all used Docky this is a fundamental part of a dock and that's what people see the unity desktop environment as, a DOCK! Also for those of you who don't want the feature because you sucked up your pride and followed Ubuntu blindly, don't ruin this for the rest of us by saying that you don't want the feature back. Its not hurting you now and it wont hurt you if its brought back so please refrain from lighting the world on fire and watching it burn for the sake of burning.

  • Andrew - 7 years ago

    I feel they should bring it back, I love it. It was an quine features. If they don't like it for new users than don't have an gui way to enable it, or just have it able in CSSM. If they do that than I will love Linux again. I miss the global menu and the full screen menu, that no Desktop Environment has.

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