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  • Jen F. - 7 years ago

    I am still livid at the passing of the "gay marriage" ban passed in VA, primarily because it directly affected MY HETERO relationship! The bill was long, had much to say, but thanks to horrible media coverage, and people's lack of interest in reading the bill for themselves, all anyone heard was "gay marriage". There was exactly one sentence in the bill that wanted to define marriage as being between a man and a woman.

    The rest of the bill, which mattered greatly to people like me, was about banning civil unions and domestic partnerships. I happened to have a domestic partnership at the time, which I was quite happy with, as I never had any intention of marrying. However, I was forced into marriage to keep my health insurance, which I need due to my disabilities. We were happy with the way our relationship was set up, yet other people's BIGOTRY forced our hand.

    The bill banning gay marriage, as well as civil unions and domestic partnerships, wasn't about gay sex - it was about sex. If I wanted to continue my *heterosexual* relationship and be able to keep my insurance, I had to get state approval. It's not just the LGBTQ they want to control. People need to stay the hell out of other peoples' bodies and bedrooms!!

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