Are The Attacks On Pam Oliver's Hair Fair?

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Posted 5 years.

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  • MissB - 5 years ago

    Dear Miss Oliver, I would never have guessed you to be any where near the age stated. You are georgeous and It makes me very proud to see you on the sidelines and please keep the outstanding work up. I do not think you are being "attacked" because you are female but your hair is "you". It does not matter if a "strand" is out of place. That's not the focus or the idea. I've worn weaves. Your face is beautiful and I think we know how beautiful you are and the hair is just not an addition to your beauty. The hair "does not" have a negative impact upon your talent as a sports reporter either. Believe me I focus on what you are "saying" because I've just begun to enjoy the sport but the "hair" does get my attention. Two of the most georgeous women are Lupita and the actress from The Help. Its the style and it is most unflattering.

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