Do You Care About Diversity In Comedy?


  • professlch - 10 years ago

    Most. Unattractive. Pic. of. Seinfield. Ever. Perfect, lol!

  • Dunedragon - 10 years ago

    I really don't care about diversity IF ITS FUNNY. Back in the days, I wasn't watching In Living Color, thinking "I wish there were a few more honkeys so they could do a skit on the Bushes!!" The topics that the Wayans put out were funny and I was content with it. I agree that diversity enables you to have a wider palette to cover a wider scope of topics. But Rod went ahead to skew his poll questions (as usual). That said, seeing Sasheer shake her thang on the 28 Reasons skit made me think "MMMM!The drought of curves on SNL is over! Its OVER!"

  • Animaine Sparkster - 10 years ago

    How can we NOT care about diversity in comedy? If we didn't care about diversity, the entire comedy scene would be an all boys club full of straight white guys who all lead similar lives. In other words, BORING. AS. FUCK. It's our different life experiences as people of color, women, LGBT people, poor people, etc that makes comedy such a rich art. Of course these things don't matter to Jerry, that's what comes with living a privilege bubble with a wall as thick as the great wall of China. He's a wealthy white male, so he never has to worry about "diversity". He's the default option in the game of life. For the rest of us? we have to put in a long ass cheat code like in the NES days in order to get anywhere near his status. So yes, I'll take diversity in comedy. Diversity IN comedy, meaning both, not one or the other, thank you very much mr. Jerry.

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