Should Rhonda Lee Grow Her Hair Out Or Get A Weave?


  • Yolanda - 6 years ago

    shone lee.... I'm black and white and extremely offended by your EVIL DEMONIC comment. Take the plank out your own eye

  • shone lee - 7 years ago

    You racist people make me really sick, ur ancestors leave a nasty satanic blood on ur asses. This is 2016 and you still nasty towards black people. You dam people so evil, have u ever walked through a dam nursing home and see how much of your kind in there? You know why? Because every single one of u white people is so evil. The evil ones always end up with the worst medical condition. Keep being evil to black

  • Tyrone Givens - 7 years ago

    As a BLACK man with two beautiful daughters and two gorgeous granddaughters I feel some kind of way hearing how BLACK women are STILL be treated. We must fight ignorant behavior. The european look is not acceptable for BLACK people. We have had to be something we weren't for years now it's time we be who we are and not whatever they want us to be. It's time for men to stop telling women what to do with their bodies. I think they know whats best for their own bodies. Brothers you must stand up for the women in your life. BLACK WOMEN KNOW THAT THERE ARE BROTHERS OUT HERE THAT HAVE YOUR BACK. WE ARE WILLING TO FIGHT RIGHT ALONG SIDE YOU.......#notmypresident

  • Debra - 7 years ago

    I'm a white and highly offend that she was shamed over the length of her hair! Really?? I think she looks just fine the way she is. What right does anyone have trying to control the length or anything else about someone's hair. She is a clean, classy chick and should not allow people to dictate to her.

    That's my opinion. And, I'm very happy for her new bundle of joy!


  • Darlene - 8 years ago

    From a white woman to a black woman, there are many issues going on in our country right now and yours is important as well. KEEP FIGHTING. .....Don't change for anyone !

  • Darlene - 8 years ago

    From a white woman to a black woman, there are many issues going on in our country right now and yours is important as well. KEEP FIGHTING. .....Don't change for anyone !

  • Lyric - 9 years ago

    She should please everyone and pretend to grow out her hair or something and then when she reveals that it's fake then confront them with evidence of how they treated her different

  • Tracy sabb - 9 years ago

    I think that Miss Lee is beautiful by right. I got my first relaxer when I was 13, because i wanted to look like my friends who was doing it. Afterror a while I grew tired of it I cut it out at 14. My parents were furious, but the one person who came to my defense after the initial shock, was my father. My hair naturally curly again short. But I love it both short and curly, my mother does not, but my father said love you and no one's words can hurt you, and this is so true. Thank you Miss Lee and good luck in your endeavors. P.S. beautiful baby.

  • Clark - 10 years ago

    To me this is very silly. Many of us have to do things we don't want to do in order to get or keep a job. As a professional in the white collar business world one must wear a suit and tie or something of that nature. As a construction worker, fast food worker, or maid you must wear the uniform. While I'm not going to advocate anything that would bring you harm like extension, tracks (what the hell are tracks any way?) or braids, but wigs are the solution to many things.

    As a mother and a wife you now have responsibilities that demand you go along to get a long (as long as no physical harm comes your way. You take one for the (your) team (husband and son). You are too smart and beautiful to not show the world your shine. Girl but that wig on and go about your business. When the cams stop rolling take your pay check into your bank wigless. There are too many racial causes to fight for, hair is not one of them.

    The television world is a shallow, harsh, and fake world. Anyone that gets in to it should know you are going to sacrifice some of self to make it. Once you have established your self like then you can stand for a hair cause.

  • Somika - 10 years ago

    I personally blame a lot of black women who have submitted themselves to this. They change the hair to be accepted. If all black women would accept their natural beauty that they were born with; what god gave them; none of this wouldn't happen. black women should say no to perm, wigs and hair extension. Accept what god gave them but it looks like until now black people (especial women) have problem with their own identities. I am proud black woman with my short natural hair and my dark brown skin. Who ever who does not want to take me as I am, then he/she can leave it because I love what I see into the mirror. I love that woman I see; she is beautiful, full of compassion and love. She is a really beauty. But most of all, I love Rhonda and am proud of her.

  • Janice - 10 years ago

    I can relate to what she's going through. I lost my my after being there for 10 years because I change my hair. I went from wearing clip in pony tails to wear two stand locks and my bosses couldn't stand it so they found a way to get rid of me. I have sense went into business for myself because I refused to be bullied in to a stereotype of what people think I should look like in order to work for them. It's hard I know but you hand in there Rhonda, God's not through with you yet!

  • Locked Sista - 10 years ago

    Ms. Lee: Move to Canada. Pretty confident you'd get a job there.

  • Justin Grant - 10 years ago

    I think the tv bosses should be fired for not standing up for Rhonda, these kinds of people are a disgrace to the human race

  • Corina Klies - 10 years ago

    Why is this even an issue? To hell with racists and sexists. To hell with station owners with no guts to stand with Rhonda.

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