Should physical activity be used as a form of punishment for children?

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  • Michael Hall - 9 years ago

    Having read the behaviour policy I cannot see anything wrong with it. Obviously extra physical activity is not a very severe punishment and it may even be enjoyable. It would be appropriate if for example there is compulsory cross country running, which is not always enjoyable, you must surely admit. It is necessary and highly desirable for children to do physical activity such as running in order to become fit and strong, but you cannot pretend that it is always enjoyable, not if it is snowing and blowing a gale, and if you are only allowed to wear runing shorts and a singlet. I know this because I had to do it myself at school. If you bunk off, pretend to be sick or take short cuts, take the bus or hitch a lift in order to avoid this physical activity, or to pretend that you are a better athlete than all the others, a fitting punishment is to be required to complete the run that all the other pupils were required to complete.
    I cannot see why that is unjust or unfair.

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