Cycling in Solihull - Can more be done with the funds we have?
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  • Ken Thresher - 8 years ago

    There are some areas in the borough, for example Widney Lane, where the traffic furniture / road layout is detrimental to cyclists. On Widney lane there are a number of central reservations these, whilst providing a pedestrian friendly environment, are unfriendly to cyclists in that at each reservation the road narrows and motorists seem unwilling to wait for a cyclist ahead to clear the area before trying to pass the cyclist. This reduces any safety margin the cyclist may have.

    The motorist is of course at fault here but with these central reservations stretching along the whole of Widney Lane a motorist is potentially stuck behind a cyclist for some considerable distance. I would point out I have not specific axe to grind as I am an active member of the Institute of Motorists as well as a regular cyclist.

    The point is that the introduction of road furniture or layout changes, if done for the benefit of one body of road users, it will often be detrimental to another body of road users. So I would suggest that wider consultation encompassing motorists, pedestrians and cyclists, should be carried out before any changes are made.

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