Do you think Posada should be arrested for lying on Black men?


  • Frances Handrick - 7 years ago

    Let Him go, Awesome that they found out he was lying, that will take care of it self. We are Living in a different world, Police department Has to come up with new tactics on how to deal with the public with out so much killing.
    People are different, they are hurting , stress, sick, etc. THEY NEED DIFFERENT TACTICS- Wisdom from God!!! Pray and Ask! Or the killing are going to get worse!!! What are we teaching the next Geration, Killing a man infront of His Children and Family?

  • 14ktDiva - 10 years ago

    Why make laws if only certain people will be held accountable.. Yes he should be arrested because he ignorantly broke the law...

  • Miss Mayo - 10 years ago

    Exactly what Tina said.

  • Tina - 10 years ago

    He should be charged because he made a false statement to the police about being assaulted not because the man he said did it was black. That shouldn't matter

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