Poll Question: Do you agree with the law banning pitt bulls?

  • Marcie Porter - 2 years ago

    I dont own a pitbull but i am goingvto get one my next dog right now i hsve 2 dogs i have a 10 year old puggle and a 4 year old german shepard and hes a big boy snd beautiful and we get sll kinds of people asking where we got him or or can they pet him and we do not allow them to because you just dont know what could happen any how german shepards have a slight of a hard bit then the pit bull so to me they can be just as dangerous as the pit bull or any other dog so the ban of on the pitbulls are ridiculous because alot of thrm thst are viscous and kill are trained to do so unfortunately its not thier fault they dont even know what love is or what its like get his belly rubbed or GOOD BOY all they are taught is to kill from the time they are brought home at the ages of 6 to 8 weeks old they get started on training them they go threw such torcher and abuse its horroible so thats all they do just take the time snd look up a dog fighting video and how they are trained and you will see so yes unfortunately those dogs need to be put down because they have no chance and the poor bate dogs try and run away from those dogs that are attaking them but cat because they are in a pen either curled up just waiting to die not fighting bsck at all and left for dead after its done they are thrown away and just left were ever with all kinds of hoes in them from bites in so much pain on the streets now these dogs are worth saveing because they dont have a pain bone in there body. So there is alot of loveing pitties that would love a loveing home were someone sill love them .but my nnext dog will be a pitbull or "terrier mix" if it has to say that so i can get one then so be it i am getting one that is it so yes they have to lift the ban on them !!!!!!

  • David Walalce - 5 years ago

    When it comes to raising dogs it is all in the owner not the dog , animals adapt to there owner it has been proven, go look at owners who had any type of dog that has attack people for no reason i guarentee you that the owner is a piece of shit

  • Pitbull lover - 7 years ago

    banning pitbull, I wouldn't know where to start on why its wrong not only on the dog for for everyone of us that loves and cares about them, banning a certain type of dog is no different then banning a certain type a person its truly racism think about this way saying certain people cant come in this country because of there color, religion etc, is that right, is that okay, to me that is just pure cowardness, another subjet I would like to address is when you take an aminal from someone is like taking there child away from there family, aint it like kidnapping, now I didn't think this was the world we were living in, its 2014 shouldn't we be past that whole hate thing, true fact is any dog can bite any dog can be aggressive small to big regardless the breed might be, if anyone is to blame its the owners there the one responsible of there pets, to blame to whole breed is like picking on someone because of a certain factor in there life, dogs are like humans there the good and of course there the bad ones aswell, there living breathing caring animals and to add the pitbull breed as criminal and dangerous well if you look at all pitbull in the word and make your stat off those for once you would see that there a lot more of us that do treat and raise these lovely animal and don't show a sign of being aggressive and they are a loving beautiful pet to have as a friend and a part of your family, maybe if you stop hating and being total racism you should see it first hand instead of judging someone or an animal off what you hear, in other words I see stop the bullying stop the racism stop the judging.. then you guys are gonna turn and do everything in your will to judge that animal to try to ban them and bully that breed only because of bad owners that had bad attention and miss used that lovely animal for wrong.. way to stand up with your word and showing all of us how you judgemental bullies you truly are

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