• Mari - 6 years ago

    I have two kids. My eldest was a wonder. We could take her anywhere at any age. People actually walked up to her baby seat to see if there was really a child sitting in it at one very nice restaurant. My second was the compete opposite, we didn't eat out anywhere but fast food restaurants until she was able to sit for longer periods of time quietly. This was out of courtesy for the other people in the restaurant, but also for her. She did not like to sit... Ever. What kid wants to be constantly disciplined or taken away from everyone just for having a young nervous system? I am happy to say now both my 18 year old and my 11 year old are happy confident people who behave well anywhere we go.

  • Jessica Velezmoro - 7 years ago

    I am a teacher and I have been around kids for years. Babies do not know if they are in a public place or at home, they cry either because they are hungry, wet, or have gas or a cramp. Toddlers know they are outside of home and sometimes that, makes them uncomfortable or they want to call attention while you are eating and they are not because they do not like the food or the environment. Older children do the same thing, but it is not up to the child to correct the behavior but the parents.
    All the education starts at home, if you do not teach your children manners, they will grow up being jerks. However, the children are the reflexion of their parents. If parents behave like that at home but in public they are the example of human beings, they are confusing the children.
    At home, the parent yells at the spouse, burps, eats and talks with mouth full and is watching TV or using the cell, what kind of example are parents giving the children?
    Start with yourselves, watch your manners and your children will immitate you. It doesnt matter if you are in a public place, at home or visiting people, kids should behave well because parents behave well everywhere, not only when they are seen or criticized.
    Parents and children also want to eat out like everyone else but when things are becoming out of control, the parent has to take care of the situation properly!!
    We all live in this world, lets share it peacefully as much as we can. Coexist!

  • Christine - 7 years ago

    Mary- are you kidding me? Is an elderly or handicapped person screaming at the top of their lungs? Are they in the process of learning how to act like a decent human? No. You're comparing apples to oranges.

    If i am going to a restaurant with ANYONE, whether it be friends, family or my own child i deserve to do it in a decent environment without someone screaming and giving me a headache. When you have children you have to make sacrifices. YOU have to make them, not everyone around you. The other people in the restaurant didn't decide to have children, so why should they suffer because you did?

  • Steve - 7 years ago

    Right on to the author. Although I have not had children, most of my friends have. Without exception, if we were out together and their child started creating a disturbance, either the father or mother immediately removed the child until s/he quieted down. If that could not be accomplished, then we all paid our bill and left. It's what responsible people do.

  • April - 7 years ago

    I have a 2 year old boy who does not do well at restaurants. And with that being said, we don't do well either. It's unenjoyable for us as the parents and it is even more unenjoyable for eceryone else around us trying to enjoy there meals. It's very selfish to allow your child to act out at a restaurant so that you can eat. The proper and courteous thing to do, is 1) Don't bring them at all 2) LEAVE or at least take your child outside until they calm down. You also have the choice to take your child to a KID friendly facility, where yelling and screaming is expected and tolerated. Prior to being a mother, I would ask to be moved if a family with children was seated next to us, and also vowed to NEVER be a selfish, rude parent only thinking about themself and not the child or anyone else around them.

  • melissa - 7 years ago

    I myself am the parent of a 4 year old. I too enjoy eating out. I too hate it when other people have children who are misbehaving in a restaurant.

    On one particular occasion, my daughter was acting particularly poorly. I spoke with her, told her she needed to correct her behavior or we would leave. She continued to act poorly and I removed her from the restaurant while my family member stayed. We went outside and I let her have her meltdown, where she wouldnt disturb others! When she calmed down I returned to the restaurant with her, after explaining that further poor behavior would not be tolerated. She acted out again and my family member took her out and put her in her carseat (while he was in the vehicle) and let her scream blue bloody murder, he explained that I would bring out the leftover food and we could finish eating in the car. Well she finally calmed and I was still in the restaurant waiting on a busy waitress, so he brought her back in. She had calmed and was not only quiet, but respectful and well mannered the remainder of the meal.

    I understand that it sucks and you want to actually eat your meal while it is hot, but you must take parenting as your priority and realize that there will be other nice meals out. It is more important for your children to learn important lessons such as this than to be spoiled brats and think their needs are the only ones which are important. Please raise your children not to be selfish, self centered jerks. Teach them that you and others matter!

  • Really - 7 years ago

    Why do you think you are entitled to bring your kids who do not behave to a restaurant or anywhere else in public? If you bring kids and they start to misbehave and you can't settle them down, then you need to leave, no matter if you have finished your meal or not. I don't believe that manners need to be taught at my expense. Good parenting starts at home and you should be teaching them from day 1 how to behave in public and at home. If more of this would be going on this conversation would not be happening. My kids are also grown, but they were taught how to be respectful at home and in public and not only of others but also their parents.
    If you can't control your kids then I am going to light up my cigarette and blow the smoke your way......... oh that's right, can't do that it might offend somebody else!

  • liz - 7 years ago

    not only kids are loud. one day i went to a mexican restaurant with my mom and my 3mo son and across the table there where a group of girls. My mom and i were trying to enjoy our lunch. my baby was asleep and the whole time i was there the girls were super loud annoying, i really wanted to get up and say something but again i was like they probably wont shut up or even look at me like im dumb. So not all babies need to stay home some grown adults also need to stay home if they cant act right at restaurants!!!!

  • Mark - 7 years ago

    I have been known to say kill the kid or I will

  • Roberta Knights - 7 years ago

    I would like to clarify "public place" The Post Office, School, Police Station, Government Office are all "public places" a restaurant is not. A restaurant is either privately or corporately owned and operated as a business to make a profit! Many display signs reminding patrons that they have the "right to refuse service" to anyone other than for discriminatory reasons. A screaming child is not an exception. We do not want to share in your child’s tantrum. Cell phone use is banned in many places, boisterous obnoxious patrons would be asked to leave as should uncontrolled children.

  • OldBaldFatGuy - 7 years ago

    I'm going to weigh in here as a father of five (all grown now) and will probably catch hell too. I'm with the author on this one. Mary, yes, kids need to be socialized, but that means they have to be taught to do so. When they're acting up don't tell them (as I heard one mother a few years back) "Justin, you need to make better choices." No, he doesn't. At that age, YOU'RE the boss. My solution was two stage: 1) Lean over and say quietly, "Do you want a spanking?" If that doesn't work, 2) take the kid to the restroom or outside and spank him/her (bare hand, on the seat of the pants). It's what my parents did, my wife's parents did, and it works. I grew up to an Army career. My oldest son is a Marine veteran, my oldest daughter has a master's degree, and none of my kids are dope dealers, gang-bangers, con artists or welfare frauds, let alone whiney millennials.

  • Mary - 7 years ago

    Get rid of the elderly? Leave the handicap at home because it inconveniences you?! I mean, how selfish and inconsiderate can you get? Please remember that you were a child too and that you yourself took your children to restaurants and if you say you didn't, you'd be lying. So it was okay for you but not for the rest of the Moms in the world? Children need to be taken out into public settings in order to learn and socialize. Restaurants are PUBLIC places for ALL AGES, GENDERS, RELIGIONS, SOCIAL STATUS, POLITICAL AFFILIATIONS...get the picture? If you want to go and hang out with your girlfriends without bothering families, then go to an ADULTS BAR. Otherwise have some respect for the rest of humans that are not intruding in your world, rather sharing it. So yeah, share! and quit your whining.; theoretically speaking.

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