Should White Dirt Farm be developed with 185 to 220 homes?

  • Louise Davies - 8 years ago

    This is a terrible idea and must be stopped. With all the new houses already being built and no new facilities to go with them the roads and facilities already feel over crowded. It will completely change the feel of Clanfield from an area with open spaces to just houses. Let's hope we can get this stopped.

  • Shaun Lynes - 8 years ago

    This is a terrible idea. There already a number of new developments in the area forcing additional families, homes and cars into an overloaded infrastructure. The roads cannot easily cope with more cars. The local shops, parking and amenities are fully utilised. More homes and families will improve the profits of Taylor Wimpey at the expense of local residents. The building of houses on White Dirt Farm will dramatically change the area. Today we have a community with a semi rural backdrop the development will ruin the local landscape.
    The current level of traffic using Downwood Way, Hawthorn Way and Tarn Rise has made crossing these roads very difficult and often dangerous. Adding more traffic to the area will only increase the likelihood of accidents and increase risks to pedestrians and cyclists.

  • P.B. - 8 years ago

    Terrible idea,must be somewhere more suitable if needed that much. Lived in the countryside all my life and have watched it shrink to almost nothing, One of the main reasons I chose to live here was because of the views and not having houses packed in every spare inch.What about the flooding situation,have we learnt nothing over the last few months?An area of white dirt/southdowns already floods quite regularly ,take away the field and where is all the water that soaks into that going to go to, also we see deer,kestrels and sparrowhawks in that field.We have to wait up to six weeks to see our own doctor now and they want to bring in another 200 families!

  • B Borrett - 8 years ago

    There is already a lot of building in Clanfield along Green Lane , any farmland that was there before has now been built on and also within Horndean village as well. This is also the only green space left between Clanfield and Horndean, it will soon be that you won't know where Clanfield ends and Horndean starts. It seems that no for thought has really gone into this, especially where schools/doctors surgeries are concerned. Building these houses will bring at least 200 -400 extra cars to the village, can the infrastructure really cope with that extra amount! Other roads that up until now have been quiet, will become rat runs for drivers to avoid the extra congestion around the building site.

  • John Tomlinson - 8 years ago

    I don't agree with the proposal, this is lazy planning and isn't sustainable. I appreciate that more homes are needed in the area but the infrastructure will not support the placement of the development. To allow Clanfield, Horndean and Catherington to fuse into one block would be a mistake which couldn't be undone.
    Extending the development of Clanfield towards the A3M access points could possibly make more sense and allow the development of adequate relief roads.

  • AntiNimby - 8 years ago

    I think it's a brilliant idea. Preserving what little rural environment is left? Have you ever been to Clanfield? They've got ALL the fields, it's not as if you're short on a bit of grass up there is it? I say build on it. It's evolution. Yeah it brings more cars, more people etc....this is exactly what we need, growth. People bring money. More noise? That's a relatively invalid often do you think to yourself "ooh that car outside is a few decibels too loud". As for the added strain on surgeries, schools etc....that sounds like an assumption. But even if it is true...the problem needs to be there before it can be fixed. We cant live a life in fear of growth. Thoughts anyone?

  • Gerry Thorne - 8 years ago

    I am due to move to Viking way in the next few weeks and the main reason was the spectacular views across this open farmland.. I always thought the SDNP authority would prevent this type of mass development and I goes without saying that I am totally opposed to the plan. Lets hope that EHDC sees sense and refuses the application.

  • BOB DAVIS - 8 years ago

    We must preserve our strategic gaps and what little of the rural environment remains in the area. Taylor Wimpey is proposing to provide 200 homes on the site. That will mean another 300 vehicles approximately, Add that to the Green Lane development and we are looking at approximately another additional 500 vehicles in total; bringing more noise, pollution and traffic queues! Local surgeries are already under heavy pressure, with appointment waiting times of, sometimes, 3 weeks. What spare capacity do our local schools have? The increasing number of developments in the southern parishes present clear infrastructure shortfalls, which must be addressed now and not after the area is completely crowded with new homes. In essence, we must strongly oppose this proposed development.

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