To Bead or Not to Bead

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  • Keith Beaver - 6 years ago

    I use beads mostly in combination with stoneflys. In NY it's illegal to use two hooks (two flies), so with a bead pegged above the stone, I get two flies. I can't tell witch one the fish ate, and I don't care as long as it's in the mouth.

  • john sheets - 6 years ago

    I think that beads are interesting...but I doubt that I will use them. Too expensive, what with special hooks and pegs and all. I can whip up plenty off pretty little egg flies for a fraction of the cost (I remember when there was a certain amount of controversy about whether egg flies were flies at all!) If we are going to draw the line here, what about sculpin helmets, articulater streamers, and all the other innovations that fly tying has seen in recent history? Synthetic dubbing and flashabou? Maybe we should only use self harvested indigenous fur and feathers on hooks that we forge at home? Oh, and you'd better make your own rod, and grow a bunker full of silkworms so you can spin yourself up a flyline. Maybe take the horse and buggy down to the blacksmiths and see if he can forge you a reel. Dont forget to save the finest horse tail fibers for your tippet.......Personally, I am just not that interested in splitting hairs about what other people want to do. I will continue to use simple spun egg flies for steelhead and trout, because I dont mind tying them and they work. But not because Im morally opposed to beads..

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