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Posted 5 years.


  • Malcolm Wagstaff - 5 years ago

    I prefer using the Maxthon Cloud Browser

  • Malcolm Wagstaff - 5 years ago

    I prefer using the Maxthon Cloud Browser

  • Maxine from PA - 5 years ago

    I forgot to mention that I have used Firefox but the commercials and hijacking drove me crazy.

  • Maxine from PA - 5 years ago

    I use 2 Chrome and IE I like IE and use it for purchasing and banking. I use Chrome on FB, Twitter and gaming so that I don't have to change my security settings like I have to with IE.

  • rena - 5 years ago

    I would use Chrome exclusively except I have a couple programs that do not work on it and must resort to IE to use them.
    And thanx Jim B for your comment. I love windows mail and have just decided to have it installed on my Wun-7. BTW, you at Cloud Eight, you are wonderful!!!

  • Diane T - 5 years ago

    I had been using FireFox but it stopped loading my Scrabble from Facebook a few months back. Now I use Chrome and am finally getting the hang of it. However I too have found that loading webpages through Chrome has slowed up just in the past month or so. IE no way, that had screwed up my desktop computer many years ago and haven't gone back. I am always open to new things.

  • Beverly - 5 years ago

    I used to use Chrome but it has problems with my laptop keyboard input in a search box. I tried Firefox but it would freeze up a lot. I tried Dragon and it being basically a smaller version of Chrome it had the same keyboard problems. I have been using Opera for several months with no problems and it has some nice features also! It is fast and reliable and with good customizing.

  • Barbara Coogan - 5 years ago

    I've been using Chrome for well over a year. I hate IE. It's too slow. Firefox is okay but I am used to the speed of Chrome and the extensions. I've used Comodo Dragon browser and I do like it also but probably because it's just like Chrome. I cannot see any difference between the two.

  • Mike Scott - 5 years ago

    I have use Chrome for several years and love my bookmarks bar. I am finding that since Google upgraded to their voice command search (which I don't use) my browser seems slow to open up once I click my desktop Chrome button to access the internet, I get a white page and have to wait for it to load fully. I use a Windows 7 desktop and a Windows 8.1 laptop but it's the same on both.

  • jane - 5 years ago

    I used to use IE all the time but lately it won't work on some sites so I switch between Firefox and IE 10 which is a pain. Still have to try Chrome.

  • lee - 5 years ago

    Been using Chrome for at least a year, have it set up the way I like it, couldn't ask for anything more. I also have IE 11 on my Win 7, very rearly have any reason to use it. Been with you for ages and appreciate all the information you pass on. I learnt, and still learning a lot. A big thank you for all your help.

  • Ethel Ross - 5 years ago

    Like most folk, I originally used IE and can't remember why I became disenchanted. Then I tried Firefox and after a little while switched to Chrome (possibly after an article in the Newsletter). I've noticed that, since I moved to a Windows 8 Laptop, Chrome 'hijacked' my Cloudeight Start Up page, but it is first on the block of quick access tabs so I just click to open it - that way by googling goes through Cloudeight. Not a big hassle in the scheme of things!

  • Barbara from NZ - 5 years ago

    I used IE for many years then suddenly unable to use it one day. So I tried Firefox, eventually reluctantly Google Chrome, so glad I did I am finding it easy to use, and recommend it.

  • Darla Ritchie - 5 years ago

    I have used Google for a couple of years and I am very happy with it. I recently added Chrome and like that too. I very rarely use Internet Explorer anymore.

  • Jim B - 5 years ago

    I use to us I.E. but it wouldn't open some web pages and became a real pain so i switched to Chrome and have no problems. I had windows mail installed but it constantly asks me for my name and password before i can send e-mails out -- its a little aggravating to have to do this every night. I hate to waste a key just to have this looked at should i schedule an appt. BY the way i do like Windows Mail and highly recommend it

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